Ik Aas Thi Hum Bhi Aenge, Hazrat Mein Qadambosi Karne, Abb Chumte Hain Turbat Moula, Hum Tumko Bhula Na Paenge

It was 16 mi raat of Rabi’al Awwal, the night when the video recording of Mufaddal Moula’s TUS waaz mubarak was relayed worldwide. Every single soul sensed something completely different that night, a vibe very unfelt before. Moula’s TUS jalaal, his benevolence, and the enthusiasm of mumineen who cried their hearts out greeting; “khama maula khama”, was something never witnessed before. One could undoubtedly percieve the presence of Burhanuddin Moula RA in the waaz.

Eyes assured it was Mufaddal Moula TUS on the takht, whilst the heart refusing to accept that it could be any one else but Burhanuddin Moula RA.

The next morning, when I slept after fajar namaz, completely unaware of what the rising sun will bring along, I had a dream. Burhanuddin Moula RA was delevering the waaz mubarak, in the same circumstances I had seen the night before, except, I saw Burhanuddin Moula RA instead of Mufaddal Moula TUS on the takht. There was no other difference, in fact there was no difference at all.

I was so awed by the scene, that it took me moments to come back to reality and realize it was just a dream.

As Kuwait is 2.5 hours behind the Indian time (IST), it was still early in the morning when the deafening news arrived, crashing down our world in mere seconds; ‘maula wafat paya che’.

I will witness Burhanuddin Moula’s RA existence in Mufaddal Moula’s TUS presence thenceforward; was the message of my dream.

My mind and heart paralysed. I was not sure if the tears would ever stop flowing.

I pronto started searching the first available flight for Bombay, only to find that there was no availability for upcoming weeks.

I grieved immensely. With an uncontrollable desperation for Burhanuddin Moula’s RA last didar, I bent my head while streams of tears were flowing down, and I pleaded, ‘moula bulawi lo moula mane bulawi lo’. In the midst of my urge, the words still unfinished, an available seat unexpectedly flashed on the screen.

The next thing I know is I was standing amidst the ocean of weeping mumineen when Burhanuddin Moula’s RA janaza mubarakah appeared. “I am doing Burhanuddin Moula’s RA didar for the last time”, was the only thing on my mind, as I found myself being pulled towards the janaza mubarakah.

I kissed the janaza mubarakah, and cried out ‘Moula’ – like I used to do while performing His RA qadambosi, only that I knew this might be the last time.

“mathu jhukawi ne mane yaad karjo, agar mei hajat rawai karwa na awu to mei imam uzaman no dai nai” – Burhanuddin Moula RA kept his promise. Even after his demise.

Bhai Taha Shk Yusuf Bhai Sajid


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