Tere Ahwaal Pe Ehmad Dil Khasta Zarur, Nazar’e Lutf Shahe Kaun’o Makan Rakhte Hain

Al Hayy Al Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA graced Calcutta with His presence 29 years ago, but little did I know that my fate was being rewritten.

Back then, during a ladies qadambosi bethak, my mother, with the 4 month-old me in her hands, was waiting in the queue. Her turn was yet to come, as a khidmatguzar showed up, “Maula farmave che ke farzand ni gardan ne sambhale”.

No distance too great for His RA nazar; no mumin overlooked from his extraordinary shafaqat.

Thereupon, when it was our turn to do qadambosi, Maulana RA instructed my mother to place me under His RA blessed feet: Exhibiting monumental amount of generosity, Maula RA gently placed His toe on my head.

Unable to contemplate the episode, we returned home.

3 years later, one fine day, my mother and I were aboard a hand-pulled rickshaw rushing full-speed, when in the midst of traffic commotion, the rickshaw operator applied sudden brakes. Losing all semblance of balance, I flew out of the rickshaw and fell squarely in the middle of the busy road.

As I laid unconscious with heaps of blood oozing out of my head, my mother, in a state of pain and panic started crying for help: zor zor si Burhanuddin Maula nu naam pukarva laaga. Out of nowhere a mumin bhai turned up, and we reached the hospital. As for my condition, I underwent a thorough examination. After several scans and x-rays, the surprised doctors informed us that there were no signs of an internal damage despite the nature of the accident. This, according to them was contrary to reason.

It was then, when we recalled what Burhanuddin Moula RA had done three years since.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin graced Calcutta with his presence 29 years ago, and I am sure a lot of fates were rewritten, a lot of souls were reborn, a lot lives were revived, and a lot of miracles happened, and are still happening.

I am sure.

Fakhruddin Aliasghar Bhai Kothambwala

Pune, India

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