Mujhse Bimar Pe Gar Ho Nazar e Mehr Zara, Ae Maseeha Abhi Chehre Pe Bahali Ho Jae

It had been over two years since I fell victim to back muscle spasms. It started off with mild tension in the back and before long, it intensified into a critical case of regular physiotherapy and meds. I wouldn’t be able to recline, carry anything, or even consider putting myself to any sort of physical exercise.

Stiff as a board; exactly how I used to define my state upon inquiry.

In the midst of all this, a glimmer of hope emerged. Mufaddal Moula TUS would visit Karachi.

On many instances throughout Moula’s TUS week-long visit, I did all to present an araz to Moula TUS but nothing appeared to materialize.

My condition continued to deteriorate.

Friday, July 26, 2019, was announced as the day of Moula’s TUS wada. On the night of 25th, Moula TUS would preside over the inauguration of Zaini Masjid and I deemed the occasion my last best chance. With some medical assistance, I reached the venue in the hope of getting a nazar mubarak, if nothing else.

Just as Moula TUS arrived and was near to move past me, the crowd around me lost the grip standing in the way and putting my final hopes to rest.

I returned back to Aljamea sunk in pain and anguish. Those around me and aware of the circumstances tried to dry my eyes but to no avail.

The following morning when I woke up for namaz, I was in pretty bad shape. Attending wada majlis looked impossible.

I decided to get some shuteye. In the dream, I saw Moula TUS entering my room wearing pagri and dupatto similar to his appearance earlier that night. Moula TUS got near my bed, brushed his haath mubarak on my back twice with a wide tabassum on his face and left.

Ecstatic and bewildered, I got up from sleep sitting upright with a force. As I was trying to recollect the dream, I failed to take into account a defining moment for me.

The pain had entirely vanished.

I attended the wada majlis with all normalcy brimming with the sense of gratitude that kept translating into tears as I made way to the venue.

Amongst the large audience, I saw thousands of mumineen with the extent of gratitude similar to mine. Indeed, all were the recipients of Moula’s TUS blessings in one way or the other.

I was just one amongst thousands.

Taher Shk Quaidjohar Bhai Najmi

Malaysia, Mentekab

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