Gar Jaan Talabi Fida-e-Janat, Sehl Ast Jawab-e-Imtehanat

گر جان طلبی فدای جانت

سهلست جواب امتحانت

My answer to all questions is easy;

‘May my life be sacrificed for you.’

At the start of my journey for my Hadi Ashara Imtehaan and Zikra  in 1419H/1998 from Bangalore to Surat, I came to know that I was expecting a child. Delighted at the news, I asked my doctor if it was safe for me to travel and was permitted to do the same.

On 11th Shaban we were blessed with zyafat sharaf of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (RA).
As I proceeded for salam and presented my shukur najwa, which was a gold coin, Moula RA looked at me, opened the case and handed it to Busaheba Jawharat al Sharaf BS and stated “Nazrul Maqam AS che”.
Confused, I moved from there and told Busaheba that it was najwa. “Aqa Moula farmawe che Nazrul Maqam ma adaa karo”, she reiterated. 
Right after the bethak, I left for Bangalore.
Upon reaching, I suffered from vomiting and aches and assumed them as usual symptoms of pregnancy.
On 7th of Shehrullah al Moazzam, at twelve weeks of my pregnancy, I started to bleed and worriedly reached to my gynecologist who instructed me to urgently get a sonography done.
The sonographer, dumbfounded and appalled by the scan results, told me that he was finding it difficult to believe I was alive, let alone healthy. At the 8th week the fetus had stopped developing, hence was dead; and for a fetus to not cause poisoning or any sort of infection over such a long period was nothing short of a miracle.
As tears gathered in my eyes, my memory immediately rushed back to the zyafat day incident when I was eight-weeks pregnant.
Now a mother of three and living a healthy life, I remember Burhanuddin Moula RA in every passing breath and say: ‘May my life be sacrificed for you.’

Behn Alefiyah Sheikh Mufaddal Bhai Fakhri

Bengaluru, India

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