Ye Baag’baan Ke Qadam Jis Chaman Mein Jaawe To Phir, Na Us Chaman Mein Kabhi Aafat’e Khizaan Jaawe

“Mein chu”, said Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA when I thought everything was over.

It happened on the 25th of March, 2008 back when I was expecting my second child. The pregnancy period was pretty bumpy during which I once had a dream where Moulana Taher Saifuddin RA and Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA were standing on the peak of a mountain with a worried and concerned look.

I told my husband about the dream; however, we were unable to figure out a context.

When my delivery was due, I was admitted to the Lady Dufferin Hospital in Karachi and due to some unforeseen complications, the doctor had to undertake a caesarean delivery. The baby was delivered healthy; however, I remained half-conscious and kept screaming out of an unusual pain.

My grandmother, father and mother were there at my side through the night and I could hear them saying that the way I was screaming was worrisome and that I should be inspected. Suddenly, my father saw that there was a heavy flow of blood coming out of my body and he started shouting in the hospital for help.

Panic-stricken and terrified, the nurses rushed in and called the doctor immediately.

Upon witnessing my state, the doctor informed my mother that an urgent surgery was required, and to call my husband in order to sign the consent form as I only had slim chances of survival. The uterus was infected and had to be operated out.

Crushed and heartbroken, my mother was continuously reciting Maulana Ali’s AS munqabat. I was unable to move or respond.

Just as they were preparing for the surgery, I saw a vision of Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA standing at the side of my bed with a tasbeeh in his hand – just like I had seen him in the dream with Moulana Taher Saifuddin RA earlier – this time, during a plight like a mountain.

In immense pain and tears flowing down, I turned to Moula RA and attempted to pronounce some words. Before I could say anything, Moula RA raised his haath mubarak and said “mein chu”.

I couldn’t feel the pain. It simply disappeared.

The doctor was stunned to find that the uterus had miraculously taken it’s place and the bleeding had stopped; the person who saw slim chances of my survival a moments ago discharged me shortly afterwards.

“Mein chu” is all one needs to battle the pains and fight the hardships – in this life and the hereafter

Behn Khadija Mustafa Bhai Thekedaar

Karachi, Pakistan

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