Jo Mae Baqi Hai Jaan Bakhshe Hai Be Jaan Ko, Kuch To Jiya Hun Mein Pi Saqi Pila Aur Bhi

دیدار یار غایب دانی چه ذوق دارد

ابری که در بیابان بر تشنه‌ای ببارد


What is it to get a sight of the loved one; do you know?

Ask a thirsty wandering in scorching heat; what a drop of rain means.

I deem the aforementioned verse a nearly-perfect manifestation of Mulla Shabbir Bhai Zakir’s relationship with Moula. His entire life revolved around the remembrance of Imam Hussain AS and the desire of obtaining a nazar mubarak, as he had a saying: “moula ni aik nazar talab karta raho, buss aik nazar”. It is common knowledge that Mulla Shabbir Bhai was a celebrated recipient of Moula’s exceptional attention at all times; yet, his thirst kept growing.

Mufaddal Moula TUS visited Karachi last year. As was Mulla Shabbir Bhai’s practice of following Moula in his travels, he was also among the visitors. I got the opportunity of hosting Mulla Shabbir Bhai and Dr. Mohammad Bhai at my residence. In more than one respect, his short stay has had a powerful impact on our lives.

He used to be with Moula for the most part of the day. Be it bethak, namaz, or zyafat, one would always find him around. Several times during the day, he got blessed with Moula’s nazar mubarak. Yet, it was his thirst that made him special.

One Monday morning on 20th of Zilqad 1440/22nd July 2019 after we returned back from Moula’s fajar namaz at Adam Masjid something happened which shall never leave my memory. As was customary, Moula had blessed Mulla Shabbir Bhai with a particular nazar and tabassum after namaz. The delight was evident in his posture as we entered the house. Out of routine, we all headed to our rooms for rest; however, I saw Mulla Shabbir Bhai purposely hanging back as if waiting for everyone to withdraw into the rooms.

I felt there was something in his mind and decided to have a look-see through the crack of the door. What I witnessed left me in complete awe.

Mulla Shabbir Bhai unpretentiously approached a portrait of Moula in the living room and with his hands folded, started to weep. He touched the picture innumerable times and kept uttering: ghanu jeewo moula, ghanu jeewo, as tears dropped through his eyes. Following a good five minutes of the same, he did matam for some time and silently walked to his room.

I stood there in amazement.

The conduct was remarkably exceptional for someone who had performed didar less than one hour ago and would be doing the same shortly thereafter. Yet, it was his thirst cultivated within limitless love that never wavered. The incident was a prime example.

It may be true that Mulla Shabbir Bhai suffered from sight problems. Nevertheless, he undoubtedly possessed an extraordinary vision: he saw Moula, anywhere and everywhere.

It was due to his everlasting thirst that he always found a way to acquire a nazar mubarak throughout his life even in his final moments.

Although he stopped breathing yesterday, I am sure his thirst for nazar mubarak continues to rise. It always meant to him more than life.

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Mulla Ibrahim Bhai Mulla Abdeali Bhai Gheewala

Karachi, Pakistan

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