Nazdeek Aagaya Hai Jo Wa’da Wisaal Ka, Kya Kya Tarap Raha Hai Dil ‘e Nasabur Hai

Years ago, as narrated by our elders, Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA stopped around Maloni for Maghreb prayers on his way to Madh Island. About 50 years later, Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS blessed Maloni with his presence on the 10th of February 2019; the day that brought about life-changing transmutation of my life.

As soon as I got word of Moula’s visit, I resolved to host a zyafat.

Not so long ago, I had suffered from a major loss in my business. Surrounded by debts and experimenting with a new business line, I was living on the edge. Regardlessly, I was determined to do everything in order to acquire the sharaf of zyafat; the catalyst for recovery.

I got my self registered and on the 9th of February, a day prior to Moula’s visit, the routine procedures were finalized. A long-desired wish was shaping up into reality. I scrambled to make preparations.

The same evening, as we were making the arrangements, a bhaisaheb came over to our house with the news that zyafat would not take place. Our house was on the fourth floor at the end of the seventy-two-step staircase; certainly, an unfavourable factor considering there was no lift in the building.

Crestfallen and shattered, I could not contain myself from crying. The next minute, I left for Raudat Tahera.

I placed my head on Burhanuddin Moula’s RA qabar mubarak, recited Imam Hussain’s AS shahadat and uttered several times: “moula mane madad karo, aapna mansoos ne mara ghare lai awo”. 

Just as I was exiting Raudat Tahera, I received a call from our Janab. He told me to continue with the preparations and that he would present an araz to Moula TUS for the zyafat. Nothing was certain, he said. Moula TUS would decide.

Preparations were complete. I told my family that if nothing else, we would stand outside the building and do araz to Moula TUS to bless our house with a nazar mubarak.

Moula TUS arrived at Maloni on the 10th of February after Maghreb. Ten minutes before the expected zyafat time, I was informed that Moula TUS would visit my house. With tears in my eyes, I rushed to receive Moula TUS and got the sharaf of accompanying Him in the car. Moula TUS stated: “tamara ghare zyafat che?”. “Ji moula” I replied. As Moula TUS inquired about my business, I did araz of the details and said: “moula ghanu dain che” to which Moula TUS declared: Sabar karjo, mein dua karis”.

By that time, we had arrived at our house.

Moula TUS headed towards the staircase and reached the house at an extraordinary pace; much more swiftly than it would usually take us to walk up the very stairs in routine. With a beaming tabassum absent of any sign of discomfort, Moula TUS entered the house. My family performed salaam following which Moula TUS blessed each room with his qadam mubarak.

After spending approximately thirty minutes with us, Moula TUS stood up to leave. I was standing near the staircase when Moula TUS exited the house. With my hands folded and teary eyes, I uttered: “Moula mein aapne ghani takleef aapi”. On the very instant, Moula TUS replied: “mumin na ghare awa ma koi takleef nathi”.

On the first floor, while walking down the stairs, I stated: “Moula aap mara ghare aya ye Burhanuddin Moula no mojizo che”. Before I could mention anything further, Moula TUS turned around with a smile, looked into my eyes, and said: “tame bawaji saheb pase gaya tha ne?”.

He knew what I had done the night before.

Six years ago today, for an instance, we thought Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA left us. We know He never has. We know He never would.

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Mulla Ali Akbar Bhai Dewaswala

Malad, Mumbai

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