Na Mile Tujhsa Jo Dhunde Falak Sar Gashte, Mah’o Khursheed Ki Aankhon Pe Laga Kar Ainak

In the year 2005, I lived through one of the hardest chapters of my life when all of a sudden I sensed an unusual discomfort in my eyes. As much as I was concerned about the problem, I turned a blind eye to it expecting it to be a routine allergic reaction.

In time, the pain escalated and the eyes would constantly exude water to such an extent that I was finding it hard to see. For an instant, I was struck by the fear of losing my sight.

Immediately thereafter, I rushed for a test.

Following an inspection, I was prescribed to put on a pair of glasses. Straight away, I acted on it tracking down a remedy but in vain. Nothing fairly happened other than that the pain worsened.

Plumbing the depths of helplessness, I could perceive darkness chasing me down. I had all but given up hope.

One night, I dreamt myself in the presence of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA. Upon witnessing my state, Moula RA turned, angled himself toward me, and brushed his labb mubarak on my eyes. As I lifted my sight up, I observed a wide smile on His face. All at once, a touch of serenity seeped through me.

I did not recall the dream until the following morning when I put on the spectacles and decided to pull them off then and there. I fell in with something remarkable.

The pain was gone.

I have not endured any pain in my eyes from there on.

With that said, my eyes water, yet, more. Seeing that today, they weep in the remembrance of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA.

As a saying in Malay goes; “jauh di mata, dekat di hati” (far from the eyes, close to the heart).

M Quaid Johar Bhai Saifuddin Kagdi

Sungai Petani Kedah, Malaysia

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