Ishtiyaq Ke Beh Didar-e-Tu Darad Dil-e-Man, Dil-e-Man Danad o-Man Danam o-Dil Danad o-Man

A smile, a nod, and a pair of words: the formula of a divine elixir.

My story goes back to the year 1435/2014 when Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS was present in Yemen during the first ten days of Ramadan. I was fortunate to be there at that time and members of my family, including my brother and sons, intended to be part of the historic safar mubarak.

Bookings were made for the 5th of Ramadan with the Emirates International Airline. Since the visa type was on-arrival, travel logistics were expected to be carried through smoothly. However, the case was otherwise on the day of travel.

Upon checking in the airport, the authorities refused to hand over the boarding passes informing that they had not received an okay-to-board confirmation from the airlines and officials in Yemen. It came to my family as a shock when they realized that their luggage was being offloaded from the aircraft. They tried to get assistance from the immigration personnel but in vain.

As it seemed, the travel was off.

Dejected and downhearted, my brother contacted me to convey the upsetting news. I tried to get in touch with the agents in Yemen but they were out of reach. At that moment in time, Aqa Moula TUS was leading the Maghreb namaz in Masjid Mansur al-Yemen.

Following the namaz, when Moula TUS was heading to Syedna Hatim’s RA zyarat, I had an araz made about the matter, upon which, Moula TUS attentively inquired about the issue they were facing at the airport.

With an assured smile, Moula TUS said: “thai jaase”. He walked a few steps, turned back, blessed me with the nazar mubarak and reassured with a nod: “aawi jaase”.

Moula TUS was in my vision yet and the words were still echoing in the ears was when I got a call from my brother. Almost when they were about to exit the airport, the authorities decided to allow the travel to go through. Moreover, the immigration officer personally took the matters in hand and guaranteed them that he would have the luggage put back in the aircraft even though it was almost time for the take-off.

It was the divine elixir that had come into play.

Next day, we were sitting at the same place where the araz was made a day earlier when Moula TUS walked past us. I presented a shukr araz to which Moula TUS smiled and said: “aawi gaya ne.”

In this time of difficulties, it is this smile, nod, and the words of hope that shall lead us through to him soon.

Shk Mustafa Bhai Khambat

Karachi, Pakistan

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