Gilman’o Hur Jinn’o Malak Ins’o Wahsh’o Tair, In Mein Se Kon Hai Jo Tera Madh Khwan Nahin

Qurbana; a word in the Pashto language referred to someone you’d sacrifice your life for. That is how Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA is remembered by the Pashtuns who are in luck to have met him.

The year 1996 was the last time Burhanuddin Moula RA visited Quetta. It was a visit, which has become a part of our very existence. It will never part from us.

During the visit, mumineen of Quetta were blessed to host a picnic for Him RA at Hanan guesthouses.

In one instance, Burhanuddin Moula RA was calmly seated on the balcony of the guest house with a few mumineen around him.

In the meanwhile, I saw a Pashtun in possession of a Chakor (the national bird of Pakistan). I instantly closed in on him perceiving the opportunity of carrying the bird to Moula RA.

It is worth mentioning that the Chakor is considered as a sacred bird by the Pashtuns. It is rarely sold, and usually, the Pashtuns who own it, do not let it out of their sight.

Here, the Pashtun readily handed over the bird to me.

I held on to the bird and presented it to Burhanuddin Moula RA. “Moula aa chakor che” I uttered. Moula RA took a look at the bird and offered a smile. Before I could say anything more, someone from the scene mentioned; “Moula aanu gosht ghanu lazeez hoi che”. 

Moula RA attended the person, rounded his gaze back to me and stated with a beaming smile on his face; “khaiye to khabar parhe ke kitnu lazeez che”. Despite everyone around reacted with a giggle, I was tensed. Having had done what Moula RA wished for was a bit of a task.

The Pashtun had witnessed everything that had happened.

As I handed the Chakor back to him, I somehow managed to mention Moula’s RA desire of savouring the bird. I was certain of his denial. Surprisingly, he pulled a knife out of his pocket and cut the bird open. I was struck dumb. He instructed me to have the bird broiled and presented to Moula RA.

Following a short while, I presented the Chakor to Burhanuddin Moula RA. The instant He RA saw the bird, He exclaimed; “Hamna to jeewtu laya tha”The bliss was evident.

Moula RA extended his hath mubarak and took a morsel of the Chakor. All eyes were on him. Everyone including myself expected that Moula RA would describe the savour of the Chakor. Instead, He RA chose to express his delight in an unexpected way. He RA stated; “aa Chakor Bhai Mufaddal ne apo”

It has been twenty-two years since the happening. Things have changed. Yet, somethings last forever. Above is a perfect exemplar.

Today, as we celebrate His RA Milaad Mubarak, we know that He RA is still with us.

I say this the same way I used to say before; Moula Mubarak, Moula Mubarak.

But yes, today, my eyes tear.

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Narration by Shk Saifuddin Bhai Badri

Addnl Info/Photos by Shk Ehsan Bhai Alibhoy

Quetta, Pakistan

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