Taweez Sheh Ke Haath Ki Hai Nuskha’e Shifa, Go Bu Ali Ke ‘Ehd Mein Apne Matab Nahin

آنچه من در عشق جانان يافتم

کمترين چيزها جان يافتم

Among all that I have gained in the love of the beloved;

The least significant is ‘life’.

In July 2017, my mother’s health suddenly started to deteriorate. After figuring out that the routine medication is not helping, I took her for an executive full-body check-up at Agha Khan Hospital.

The reports came out indicating something unusual with the blood and my fear intensified. The doctors suggested an immediate bone marrow examination. The results showed lymphoma: cancer.

I was left numb and devastated, unable to process the news. My world was crumbling apart.

Witnessing my mother’s deteriorating health, unable to eat, move, or respond, was excruciating. The thought of her undergoing chemotherapy was unbearable, and I was not ready to see her suffer.

As the chemo sessions started, my mother’s condition kept worsening by the day. Due to her weak state, the sessions that were supposed to take place one after another uninterruptedly had to be done in the intervals of eleven days.

The doctors had already informed me of the worst.

The next month, Mufaddal Moula TUS arrived in Karachi for Ashara Mubarakah 1439 H. The very next day, I took my mother to the qadambosi bethak at Burhani Mahal.

With tears rolling down my eyes and slowly moving the wheelchair with my mother, I reached Moula TUS and uttered: “moula mara maa ne cancer che, aap shifa aapi do”.

Upon hearing, Moula TUS looked into my eyes and gestured to lift my mother up from the wheelchair.

Moula TUS pronounced “khuda shifa aape”, extended his haath mubarak and brushed it on my mother’s face, and blessed us with a beaming smile.

From that day onwards, my mother has never needed a chemotherapy session or any treatment for that matter.

Mulla Saifuddin Bhai Joriawala

Karachi, Pakistan

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