Ye Dai Mohammad, Mohammad Ke Dai, Mohammad Ki Surat, Nahin Hai To Kya Hai

Rasulullah SAW states that anyone desirous of his didar, should recite seven specific ayaat, following which He SAW would certainly appear in the person’s dream. – (risala shareefa – baabo hazeera al quds. 1354)

Athirst to acquire the aforementioned sharaf of Rasululah’s SAW didar, I never missed reciting the prescribed ayaat.

One night, I saw myself walking through the streets of Madina and chancing upon a group of Arabs outside a house. I inquired about their assembly, and one of them replied, “hamein Rasululaah ni qadambosi waaste kharaa chhey.” Overjoyed and ravished, I eagerly conjoined the cluster.

After several hours (as I visualized in the dream) I reached the door of the house in a state of excitement. To have a rare glimpse of Rasulullah SAW was the only desire gushing through my heart.

I entered the house and proceeded. I passed a large hall crowded with Arabs, and progressed towards a takht placed there.

As I lifted my gaze, I was startled to see Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA seated on the takht. I was bewildered and uttered “aa to hamara moula Mohammad Burhanuddin aqa chhey”.

Thereupon, I awakened, full of tears.

Overwhelmed and astounded, I did not narrate this dream to anyone. Until, a few months later I received the sharaf of Burhanuddin Moula’s RA zyafat, it was then that I narrated the dream to Moula RA, to which He RA gracefully smiled and replied, “aa sachhu sapnu chhey”.

Thereafter, with a radiant smile, Moula RA directed me to perform qadambosi again.

I later realised, Moula RA knew I had awaken before performing Rasulullah’s SAW qadambosi in the dream.

Mufaddal Moula TUS often states, which says it all: “Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin to Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin che”.

Bhai Mustali Hussain Bhai Raeli

Thandla, India

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