Jo Ke Pohnche Tere Darwaze Tak, Uske Hum Bakht Rasa Kehte Hain

A few years ago, during Mufaddal Moula’s TUS stay in Hassanfeer, Moula TUS benevolently visited my hometown, Madar.

Amidst the visit, my family was blessed with qadam sharaf at our humble place. Amongst the preparations, we had prepared a thaal of fruits, so that Moula TUS would pronounce shifa on it.

With the desire; “kaash moula tanawul farmawe” I had baked lemon short bread and cheese cookies, which was one of the several comestibles placed on the thaal.

As Moula TUS arrived, the thaal was presented to Him TUS. After pronouncing shifa, Moula TUS held a spoon, placed it inside the namak daani and was about to progress ahead, as I uttered; “moula cookies mein banayu che”. With a radiant smile, Moula TUS replied ” raate shk hatim ni zyafat ma lawjo, mein lais”.

Therefore, I ended up in the respective zyafat, with a plate of cookies in my hand.

As Moula TUS was presiding over the thaal, the hosts were blessed with the sharaf of individually presenting a specific dish to Moula TUS.

Likewise, I advanced ahead with the cookies.

This picture shows the thaal and the room in which Moulana TUS presided. It was taken before I presented the cookies. *This picture is the exclusive property of the contributor and Tazkerat, and may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without permission.

Just as I was about to enter the room, I was stopped. “moula hamna raate Jaman ma aa nahi lai, fajare nashta ma lawjo” I was told. Before I could further explain the situation, I was asked to leave.

Completely heartbroken, I stood their in despair.

Just before leaving, my heart desperately cried “Moula”. That very moment Moula TUS turned his attention towards me and instructed with an intent “mein yej kayu che yahan thaal par laawe”.

With tears in my eyes, I presented the cookies to Moulana TUS. Thereupon I stood there as Moula TUS graciously took a bite and blessed me with a blissful smile.

A very small instance, but Moula TUS knew I would cherish it for the rest of my life.

Behn Tasneem Hamza Bhai Madarwala

Madar, India

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