Teri Nigah’e Inayat Khuda Kare Na Phire, Kuch Iska Gum Nahi’n Gar Mujhse Sab Jaha’n Phir Ja’e

Burhanuddin Moula RA was present in Karachi in 1425H, when He RA bestowed the city with the celebrations of his 93rd milaad. On the occasion, there was a program organized by madrasa farzando in Taheri Masjid. Everyone participated in different activities and acts, which were going to take place in front of Moulana RA.

I was required to perform as a pigeon, and all I had to do was to keep moving my wings throughout an act.

Amidst our act, I prayed; “moula aap mari taraf aik nazar farmawo”.

That very instant, to everyone’s astonishment, Moulana RA pointed towards me, and asked me to get near him in the midst of the skit.

What happened next was something I will never forget – Moulana RA placed his haath mubarak on my head, and inquired my name and my parents names. Upon that, amongst hundreds of children, I was fortunate to perform qadambosi.

No one present was able to apprehend the unexpected scene, as Moula RA heard what my heart entreated.

Murtaza Bhai M Mustafa Bhai Mandviwala

Karachi, Pakistan

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