Ghar Mein Jiske Shahe Deen’daar Qadam Karte Hain, Haan Haqiqat Mein Usse Rashk’e Iram Karte Hain

Manpura. A speck on the map of India. Anonymous for all practical purposes.

In all the years we lived in Manpura, I would entreat Khuda Ta’ala for Burhanuddin Moula’s RA qadam mubarak in our humble town, so that we could present Him RA a zyafat.

However there was a dilemma; on one hand, there was the recognition that a personage of His RA royal stature, invited by the large cities throughout the year, would ever schedule a visit to a small town like ours? On the other hand, there was belief. Belief that Moula RA stands for the hopeless, hence, I did not stop praying.

One day, we invited our Hindu-Gujrati neighbours for dinner. I noticed a strange expression on one of the invitees, who was looking around my house.

When I inquired, the person pointed towards a picture of Burhanuddin Moula RA and eagerly asked, “aa kaun chey” ?, “aa hamara Moula chhey” I informed. With an unusual astonishment, he kept staring at the picture as I continued “dua karo apna gaam ma padhaarey, ghani barakat thaase”.

Totally confused, he replied in a certain tone “su waat karo chho? Aa saheb ne to har roz tamara chhat (terrace) par fajare dekhu chu”.

On hearing this, I could not stop my tears.

Some might say Burhanuddin Moula RA is not with us anymore, but indeed, He RA is present, He RA has never left. Not for one moment.

Behn Munira Manpurawala

Mumbai, India

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