Na Zaid Ki Rahe Parwah Na Amr Ki Haajat, Tujhe Burhane Deen Sarwar Samajh’le Gar Apna

A state of tearful eyes and head down in despair, used to be my invariable semblance whenever I was asked; “how many children do you have?”, an obvious reaction of a childless mother.

After many years of marriage, I was yet to acquire the wealth of a child.

Thus, to mitigate the sorrow and to console ourselves, me and my husband decorated a room in our house with several pictures of  Burhanuddin Moula RA with children, alongside his own photos of childhood.

As days passed, the sense of something missing kept increasing. Where to go? Whom to turn to? Who is our resort in hardships? Thoughts like these started to haunt me.

One night something strange happened. I saw Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA in my dream. I saw myself in front of him, crying and pleading for a child. Moula RA looked at me, smiled and gave me his staff (laakri mubarak), which He RA held in his hand.

Unable to comprehend the purpose, I did not narrate this dream to anybody, until after sometime I narrated the dream to my husband to which he contently replied “maulana ye apne nawaazi leedha che” .

Thereafter, one day we got a call from our jamaat office to come and meet the amil saheb. Confused and bewildered we headed to the jamaat office. Upon entering the room, amil saab promptly got up and handed us a walking stick and stated in a confused tone; “Mumbai si, Saifee Mahal si, tamara waste aawi che, mubarak thai”.

Children become the support and anchor for parents. Although we don’t have them, but by blessing us with His RA staff (laakri mubarak), Burhanuddin Moula RA made it completely evident, that He RA was the true resort for mumineen. Indeed He RA still is.

One of the reasons why our hearts would never stop crying; ae moula mohammad hamara sahara, kahan hamne muki ne aaqa sidhara.

Behn Alifyah Mansoor Bhai

Karachi, Pakistan

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