Kya Aur Phir Nigah Karein Ankh Utha Ke Hum, Ankho’n Mein Jabb Khapa Huwa Tujhsa Jawa’n Rahe

It was around 30 years back that I used to hand-make truck mirrors from plastic sheets using silver and different acids with my bare hands.

I worked from my home and had a room specifically distinguished as my work-space.

It was one day, the day that held the capacity to entirely wreck my life, while I was working that I went to pick up an acid container to continue with my work. I used to put the acid-container on a raised shelf to ensure safety, as my little daughters and son would occasionally enter the room to observe my work.

That day, while I picked up the container, it accidently slipped from my hands and fell. The acid was concentrated and so were the fumes it emitted, which penetrated directly into my eyes. Not only my eyes, but also my hands suffered severe burns. Instinctively I was more worried about my eyes. The next moment, everything faded away from my sight. I blacked out.

I was instantly rushed to the hospital.

During the journey from my home to the hospital, on the verge of blindness, I had my vision fixated on Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin RA and kept on praying to him to save my eyes. While recalling the memories of doing Moula’s RA didar, I desperately pleaded to myself: “would all those moments just remain memories for me?”.

On reaching the hospital, the doctor insisted on an immediate checkup. He put a few drops, bandaged them and asked me to wait till the medicine could react. When I inquired his opinion on the situation of my eyes, he made it quite apparent that the damage to the eyesight was devastating and I would only be able to see again, perfectly, through a miracle.

Amidst the never-ending wait, while I rested on the hospital bed approximating a probable surgery, all my thoughts were diverted to Moula RA. I kept calling His RA name to save my eyes. Doing so, I fell asleep.

That’s where Moula RA answered my prayers.

I dreamt that I went for Moulana’s RA imamat namaz. After the namaz, as Maula RA was exiting the masjid, I submitted my araz, of how the acid had spilled onto my eyes and how much I feared losing my eyesight. After listening to my araz, Maula RA leisurely brought his noorani chehra mubarak closer to my face and breathed out shifa into both my eyes.

Just that moment, the nurse woke me up. The doctor checked my eyes and found himself aw struck. He explained to me how he didn’t understand how my eyes turned out completely unharmed, just after the state he had seen them in some time ago.

And so, no surgery, neither any form of treatment was required. The damage simply disappeared.

Thenceforth till present, my eyes are scatheless.

Today, when I am fitly able to see everything, my eyes tear for the sight of my savior, Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin RA, whose didar mubarak breathed life into the lifeless.

Bhai Abdullah Yousuf Ali Rawala
Karachi, Pakistan

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