Rahe Phula Phala Ya Rab Jaha’n Mein Baag’e Burhani, Ke Nakhle Arzu Sab Ka Ba’dolat Inki Phalta Hai

Having children is a women’s ultimate fortune. I was no different.

After many years of my marriage, I was still childless. We consulted the best doctors across the globe, and underwent various tests, of which all offered the same verdict, that it was medically impossible for me to conceive.

Hopeless and heartbroken, we consequently started to believe that having a child was not in our fate.

After some time, one of the doctors we consulted in Mumbai called us. As he was aware of the extremity of my desire for a child, he recommended a surgery, which according to him, could atleast give us slim hope.

Although I was not totally committed to the option, I desperately agreed. Thereupon, an urgent arzi for raza mubarak was drafted.

Fortunately, the night before the treatment was dated, I was informed that a bethak of Burhanuddin Moula’s RA qadambosi was ongoing in Mumbai at that time. Thus, with a copy of my arzi, I rushed for qadambosi.

Reaching just on time, I instantly entered the que.

After a brief wait, I entered the bethak hall where Burhanuddin Moula RA was presiding. Upon doing Moula’s RA didar my tears instinctively started to flow.

As I performed qadambosi, I brushed the arzi on Moula’s RA qadam mubarak and my heart cried; “moula mane farzand joiye che, aap mane farzand apo”. I lifted my gaze up and saw Burhanuddin Moula RA looking at me with a beeming tabassum on his chehra mubarak.

A couple of seconds, no words, a silent communication of hearts and I was guided out of the bethak.

Content and pleased, I returned home reasoning to myself; “Maulana yeh maari araz to sunij chhey to achhuj thaasey”.

The next morning before the treatment was to commence, I went through a routine pre-checkup. I sensed an expression of shock on the doctor’s face as he appeared with the test reports. In a state of total confusion he uttered that I was pregnant.

He further explained that it was exceptionally possible to become pregnant in a state like mine, but the fetus won’t survive. Thus, he insisted on an immediate abortion so that the surgery could commence.

Amidst all the this, I kept envisioning the tabassum of Burhanuddin Moula RA a night before, which I knew had change my fate.

I urged my husband on returning home, ergo, no surgery neither an abortion happened. As we left, the doctor stated in an alarming voice; “you are risking your own life”.

Months passed, and I abstained visiting the hospital. Until after normal nine months, I delivered twins.

When the world proclaimed I won’t be able to conceive a single child, Burhanuddin Moula RA blessed me the wealth of twins. Batul and Fatema.

Hearing a mumin’s cry – Moula changes fate.

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  • The photos above were taken during Moula’s TUS visit to Pandharpur on 9th January 2016. These images are the exclusive property of the contributor and Tazkerat, and may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without permission.

Behn Jumana Hussain Bhai Bohari

Pandharpur, India

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