Qabr Main Aake Thaam Lengey Mujhe, Mujhko Bushra Mere Huzoor Se Hai

I was in the ninth standard (Darajah Tasea) in Al Jamea Tus Saifyah and imtehaan had just ended.

There used to be a qadambosi bethak after imtehaan each year in Surat. Everyone was required to sit class wise, perform qadambosi and return to their respective seats.

When I finished my qadambosi and was about to return, Burhanuddin Moula RA asked me: Su naam taru?”

I replied: “Moula Shabbir.”

Moulana RA asked: “Gaya saal mozey par gayo tho?”

I replied: “Jee Maula, gayo tho”.

Moulana RA got closer and studied me closely. Thereafter, I was back to where I was seated.

The brief experience moved me. I wept in gratitude for the opportunity of having exchanged a few words with Maulana RA.

When the bethak concluded, I went to perform zyarat of Do’aat in gratitude.

While my head rested on the turbat mubarak of Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin RA, I prayed: “aaje to Moulana ye maru naam puchu, koi waqt ehwo din bhi aawe ke Moulana maney naam si bulawe?”

The same night I had a dream where I saw myself standing with a friend as Moulana RA arrived. Moulana RA called out my name and said: “Shabbir yahaan aao” and then, “Shabbir, aao yahaan!”

When I proceeded, Moulana RA pronounced Shabbir, tu dua pare chey? Tilaawat Dua ni dua har roz parhje!”

[Yesterday on the 19th of August 2015, a noble Khidmat Guzaar of Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah passed away. He was always active, joyous, and full of life. It is utterly saddening and disheartening to admit the fact that he will no longer be amongst us. May Allah Ta’aala bless his soul and grant him Shafa’at of Panjatan Paak and Du’aat Mutlaqeen. Ameen]

Today we are positive that his desire is truly fulfilled as Moula often states: tamaro gale dum awse, to Mamlook Aal e Mohammed tamne olkhi laees”.

Picture 004
We had a strong bond with Janaab, as he was our class teacher in Darajah Sabea (STD 7). This photo was taken in the ending of our Darajah Rabea (STD 4).

Shk Shabbir Bhai Khambatwala

Karachi, Pakistan

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14 thoughts on “Qabr Main Aake Thaam Lengey Mujhe, Mujhko Bushra Mere Huzoor Se Hai

  1. Janab ne Moula ye Khuwaab ma name si yad farmaya ,emm har ABNAUL JAMEA ne moula بالاسم والكنى si olkhe che,mamluk ne bhi moula TUS khuwaab ma padhari ne farmayu hamne saglu khabar che tame jawame ma khidmat karya jata.
    Janab shk shabbir bhai sathein HAJ & MOMBASA Ashara ma khidmat nasewb thay hati, mashallah وسيع الصدر ane خليق hata,khidmat na maidaan ma hamesha fidaa thawa waste haazir haazir rehta.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sk shabbir bhai Ghana khaleek insaan hata hamesha mohabbat si paish aata .khuda taala aapne moula TUS ni shafa’at naseeb Kare ameen


  3. Can’t forget playing cricket with him on jamea and other grounds. What a sportsman he was. Use to pray hafti before fajar Namaz in his student life. Then we had khidmat life. Very energetic, responsible and a very good planner. Can’t forget every moment passed with him. Allah Subhanahu Moula tus ni shafaat sabab baland darajaat ata karey. Will miss him a lot.


  4. i had the opportunity to play cricket with him in many occassions… also i remeber till date how he used to sit with me in darajah awwalah for extra classes as i had come very late in jamea… a very firendly person even after jamea whenever we came across he would spot on recognize me…

    Khuda moula tus ni shafa’at naseeb kare ..ameeen…

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