Gar Husn Mein Wo Yusuf’e Aali Maqaam Hai, E’jaaz Mein Maseeh’e Alaihi’ Salaam Hai

After nine years of my marriage, along with countless prayers, I was blessed with a child. Burhanuddin. One can imagine the bliss and happiness.

But it did not last long, as on the seventh day; we came across a disheartening news. Burhanuddin was not able to breathe properly and was diagnosed with two holes in his heart. Doctors said that the operation was possible, only if the child survives for a few months, as he was too small for a surgery. One of them summarized the situation and said; “pray for a miracle.”

My wife was shattered, and I was in complete trauma; will I lose my child?

Meanwhile, Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS was on his Safar Mubarak of Kathyawaar. Me and my wife, along with Burhanuddin, who was not well at that time, left immediately for Jasdan where Moulana TUS was presiding, in search of a miracle, our last hope.

I was standing there with my son, when Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS arrived. I was not able to pronounce a word, and did Dua from the bottom of my heart “moula aapye aa farzand aapu che, aapj ehne shifa apo” and lifted him over the crowd. Moulana TUS blessed him with his Nazar Mubarak, and placed his hand over my child. To my astonishment I could see Moulanas TUS Haath Mubarak on my son’s heart. A couple of seconds and He TUS progressed ahead.

I returned back, content and satisfied.

After some time, when Burhanuddin was almost a month old, we went for his checkup. To the amazement of every individual there, the reports were clear; there was no sight of holes in his heart.

They asked for a miracle, we sought one.

Hussain Bhai Nooruddin Bhai Sadikot

Upleta, India

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