Ab Aur Tujhsa Kaheen Kiya Koi Kareem Mile, Sila’e Madhe Jahan Jannat un Na’eem Mile

Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin’s TUS discourses comprise of various elements, amongst which, some remain constant. Dua mubarak and prayers for mumineen is one of them. Whatever the occasion, whichever the place, the portion of dua mubarak is something which is always a part of His TUS discourses.

On one instance, during His TUS waaz mubarak on the Urs Mubarak of Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed RA in Ahmedabad, Moulana TUS was praying for mumineen, pleading Allah TA for the safety of mumineen from all kinds of worldly and unworldly disasters, diseases and distresses.

Amidst His plea, Moulana TUS, with a keen intent, specifically did dua mubarak for those who were burned. It was something not common. I was surprised, and it kept me wondering.

Until after the waaz mubarak, I received an arzi by a mumin, requesting dua mubarak and shifa from Moulana TUS concerning a child who was severely burned. What happened thereafter was no surprise. The child was saved, and is living happily under the thanda saaya of our beloved Moula TUS.

It was then, when I was able to comprehend the cause of Moulana’s TUS sudden dua mubarak for the burnt.

It is apparent how the spontaneous and ‘unheard of’ dua mubarak expressed by Moulana TUS and the events that took place afterwards were anything but a coincidence.

Moulana TUS is our spiritual father and mother, and thus, He TUS listens to our hearts.

Marhoom Shk Mustafa Bhai Currim

Mumbai, India

It is suffice to say that Janab Shk Mustafa Bhai Currim had the sharaf of serving Moulana TUS and His TUS honorable family his entire life. He had a habit of sharing his reflections based on the countless shanaat of Huzureala TUS he frequently used to witness.

This account was narrated by Janab Shk Mustafa Bhai Currim to Mulla Mufaddal Bhai Shk Zainuddin Bhai during Janab’s visit to Colombo, following Moulana’s TUS safar mubarak to Ahmedabad in the year 1436. Mulla Mufaddal Bhai had the pleasure of hosting Janab in Saifee Villa.


Seldom does one come across a unique personality whose loss creates a void in the lives of many – and to this league belonged Janab Sh Mustafa Bhai Currim.

The devastating news of his sudden demise stunned mumineen into shock, disbelief and total despair.

Sh Mustafa Bhai was a warrior. He had the voice of a gladiator and the soft heart of a true friend. He was the battle-horse amongst the other steeds, trained and disciplined in the art of khidmat.

He was an exemplary personality, the perfect blend of character, yin and yang. He was your teacher, your friend, your mentor, your adviser, someone you know you could count on, and always lent you his ear. All this along with fact that he was one of the most renowned, most trusted and most dynamic khidmat guzaars of our time.

Some may ask, “what did he do?” “what did he handle?”. I would reply, “you’re asking the wrong question, what didn’t he do?” No-one would ever know what his responsibilities comprised of – but those who had a hint of it, knew that it was out of the norm. No task was too much for him, and no matter how big or how hard, he was always calm and collected, and never seemed un-phased. All this, while he maintained his fond humor, the simplicity of normality, tranquility, and the most important human values of love and compassion.

Janab Shk Mustafa Bhai in Saifee Villa, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Janab Shk Mustafa Bhai following Moula TUS in Saifee Villa, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
He set an example for all khidmat guzaars by his work ethic, his multi-tasking, his dedication, and his never seizing – unwavering love for Jamea.

We pray to Allah TA to elevate his soul to the loftiest realms of Jannat. He served Moula TUS on earth, and we know, wherever he is, he will continue to do so.

 Tribute authored by Mulla Mufaddal Bhai Shk Zainuddin

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Andaze Karam Hai Mere Aqa Ke Nirale, Konain Jo Mange To Kare Uske Hawale

Each time a Mumin looks at Moula, all that he/she hopes and prays for is ‘two seconds’. That’s right. ‘Aik Nazar’..

And here, I have an account to tell.

Burhanuddin Moula RA was present in Sidhpur for Asharah Mubarakah, and fortunately our group of muminaat were there for the ‘zenabiyah’ course. After attending the Asharah Mubarakah we decided to present a shukr zyafat. A friend and I from Karachi decided to araz a gold coin towards the zyafat.

As our araz was forwarded, the relevant khidmat guzaar turned our request down as Moula RA did not appear to have any vacant date.

Nevertheless, my friend and I decided to araz the gold coin to Moula RA.

We were standing on the staircase where Moula RA was to arrive in some time.

As Moula RA arrived, we both presented our gold coins to which Moula RA inquied, “Aa gaini saa waste araz karo chho?”.  We replied “Moula, aa shukur na najwa araz karye chhey”, to which Moula RA pronounced: “Khuda ghani barakat aape!”and repeated it a couple of times.

Following the acquaintance, the same night, my friend and I went for Moula’s RA qadambosi. It was my friend’s turn while I was standing behind her, as Moula RA addressed her: “Tame mane gaini araz kidi thi ne?” and she only managed to say “Ji moula, mein ane maari friend..” before she was whisked out of the line.

My turn came. No response from Moula RA.

I wept.

When I returned to my utara, I could not stop crying. Was it because of my sins that Moula RA had not responded to me?, I thought.

A week after, I was standing in the masjid sehen for didar.

Moula RA was exiting from the masjid and entering the sehen where thousands of mumineen were waiting for Him RA.

I stood hands folded with tears in my eyes imploring for his momentary attention when that very moment Moula RA pointed towards me, walked closer and said “Gaini tuyye araz kidi thi ne? Tashreef mili tane?”

He RA would not miss you in thousands. But yes, He RA is deeply missed by thousands today.

Abeda Behn Stmary

Karachi, Pakistan

In the means of shukr and zikr, anyone who is willing to share his/her’s acquaintance, incident or any experience with Moulana Muqaddas RA or Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS can mail it to dm@tazkerat.org & md@tazkerat.org. You can also WhatsApp us on +923343752321 & +923437862121

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