Andaze Karam Hai Mere Aqa Ke Nirale, Konain Jo Mange To Kare Uske Hawale

Each time a Mumin looks at Moula, all that he/she hopes and prays for is ‘two seconds’. That’s right. ‘Aik Nazar’..

And here, I have an account to tell.

Burhanuddin Moula RA was present in Sidhpur for Asharah Mubarakah, and fortunately our group of muminaat were there for the ‘zenabiyah’ course. After attending the Asharah Mubarakah we decided to present a shukr zyafat. A friend and I from Karachi decided to araz a gold coin towards the zyafat.

As our araz was forwarded, the relevant khidmat guzaar turned our request down as Moula RA did not appear to have any vacant date.

Nevertheless, my friend and I decided to araz the gold coin to Moula RA.

We were standing on the staircase where Moula RA was to arrive in some time.

As Moula RA arrived, we both presented our gold coins to which Moula RA inquied, “Aa gaini saa waste araz karo chho?”.  We replied “Moula, aa shukur na najwa araz karye chhey”, to which Moula RA pronounced: “Khuda ghani barakat aape!”and repeated it a couple of times.

Following the acquaintance, the same night, my friend and I went for Moula’s RA qadambosi. It was my friend’s turn while I was standing behind her, as Moula RA addressed her: “Tame mane gaini araz kidi thi ne?” and she only managed to say “Ji moula, mein ane maari friend..” before she was whisked out of the line.

My turn came. No response from Moula RA.

I wept.

When I returned to my utara, I could not stop crying. Was it because of my sins that Moula RA had not responded to me?, I thought.

A week after, I was standing in the masjid sehen for didar.

Moula RA was exiting from the masjid and entering the sehen where thousands of mumineen were waiting for Him RA.

I stood hands folded with tears in my eyes imploring for his momentary attention when that very moment Moula RA pointed towards me, walked closer and said “Gaini tuyye araz kidi thi ne? Tashreef mili tane?”

He RA would not miss you in thousands. But yes, He RA is deeply missed by thousands today.

Abeda Behn Stmary

Karachi, Pakistan

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