Qudsi Kahain Bashar Kahain Tujhko Ke Kya Kahain, Hai Aaj Tak Ye Khalq’e Khuda Ishtebaah Mein

In 1434H during Shehrullah, I suffered cough followed by immense bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed as having TB (tuberculosis).

Due to my severe condition, and because of the legal policies for treating TB in Dubai, which could have possibly caused a delay, we were told to proceed to Mumbai immediately.

We did likewise.

On reaching Mumbai, we decided to go to Rauzat Tahera for zyarat before heading to the hospital. Fortunately, Mufaddal Moula TUS was presiding in Rauzat Tahera at the same time, and I was blessed with the opportunity of doing zyarat in his presence.

The next morning, after fajar namaz, just before heading to the hospital, I did salam to Mufaddal Moula TUS and did shifa araz. Moula TUS acutely looked at me and said: “khuda shifa aape, Hamza AS no bakro karjo”.

Content and appeased we went to the hospital.

On reaching the hospital, the doctors said that they would require a blood sample exuding with cough before starting any treatment.

We all kept waiting, but I never coughed again.

A severe TB patient returned home without any medication, and the reason is evident.

Behn Maria Shk Mustafa Bhai Khumusi

Dubai, UAE

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