Ilaj’e Nafs Ki Dawar Tere Nazdeek Kamil Hai, Muhawwaj Jism Khaki Hai Tabibo’n Ki Dawai Ka

Six days after my daughter in law had delivered a boy, she started to feel uneasy. We were busy procuring the arrangements for his chatti.

Reflexively, she took some antibiotics and got herself engaged in the preparations.

On the following night, as we had just finished with the chatti, she suddenly collapsed.

She was fuming with fever as we rushed to the hospital.

Immediately after being observed, she underwent an emergency test.

I could sense an unwonted haste in the doctors voice as he appeared with the reports, urging us to immediately head to Indore for a surgery.

Only then we sensed that something was really wrong, when the doctor uttered: “I hope she can make it to Indore”. Which, according to him, seemed absurd.

We reached Indore.

People who saw my daughter being pulled out of the car believed we were carrying a dead body.

For the next few hours, we saw a group of doctors coming in and out of the ICU, without anyone explaining the condition precisely.

A few hours later, the head surgeon came to us. “the whole body is filled with poison, we cannot operate” he said. According to him, everything was infected, except the lungs, which was the only reason she was still alive.

“It is just a matter of time now” he concluded.

Later, we came to know that a surgery was only possible if the poison would stop spreading, which, according to the doctors was not happening. Antibiotics had failed.

I overheard one of the doctors saying that there were slim chances that she will even survive the night.

Standing outside the ICU with a crying 7 day old in my hands, I was looking at his mother with tubes running through her body.

Unable to react, I resorted back to every mumin’s first instinct.

It was the eve of Imam Hasan’s AS shahadat.

Mufaddal Moula TUS was in Baroda at that time.

I captured an image of my daughter in the ICU and sent it to a relative in Baroda, who somehow managed to extend an araz for shifa promptly.

Upon looking at the image and listening to the araz, Mufaddal Moula TUS affirmed : “shifa che, behn na qarabat aney dosto ne kaho ke behn waste dua e kamil parhe, dua che”.

The message was conveyed.

Every single mumin living in Shajapur, who were in masjid for shahadat majlis at that time, recited dua e kamil for the life of my daughter.

Following this, late at night, I went home.

I stood in front of Moula’s TUS picture and placed the child underneath it.

With my hands folded and tears flowing, I kept repeating: “moula aa nahna farzand na waste ehna maa ne zindagi aapi do, moula aap bachawi lo, aap mara dikri ne bachawso ne?, aa farzand waste bachawso ne?”.

In the morning, when I reached the hospital, I was stunned.

The operation was already underway. The poison had miraculously stopped spreading, and had also started to weaken.

After several hours, the operation ended.

2.5 liters of poisonous  fluid was piped out of the body. Everything was under control, and I could hear the voices “she is safe”.


The doctors did not have any answer. I did.

Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.
Imam Hassan’s AS shahadat raat, who was poisoned.
Dua e Kamil.
Prayers of mumineen.

Believe it or not, that’s the very recipe of earning a second life.

Rehana Behn Nooruddin Bhai Bohra

Shajapur, India

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Har Teer’e Bala Hota Hai Radd Naam Se Tere, Qsimat Se Mere Hath Lagi Hai Sipar Aisi

I live in Kuwait. About five years back I was driving home after work at a speed of 120 km on the first track on Ahmadi express highway. All of a sudden one of the tires burst and I lost control of the car. I tried to apply brakes. As a result the car started moving zigzag on the road. To avoid hitting other cars I turned the steering wheel towards the roadside. I was able to turn the car but couldn’t stop it. At the end of the roadside, there was a slope, and to my distress, the car started going down on the slope. I sensed it could topple over due to the high speed. At that crucial moment, unbelievably, my car stopped with a jerk. Without wasting anytime I removed my safety belt and jolted out of the car.

A series of very obvious question arise here;

1. How did a fast moving car stop on a slope? 

After recovering my senses I moved around the car to inspect what made it stop. I noticed a big patch on the ground firmly gripping one front tire.  car 04Obviously that was the reason of the car stopping on the slope. Had there been no patch on the ground, my car would surely have turned over or hit the railing very badly.

Alhamdolillah, I am grateful for 3 things:

1) A severe accident was averted.

2) I was not hurt. Not even a scratchcar 01

3) There was no damage to the car. The car was towed to the tire shop to replace two rear tires, and I drove home safely.

2. What did I do when the tire burst?

My immediate reaction was to remember Burhanuddin Moula RA. I just kept on murmuring MOULA MOULA. We all know many times Moula RA said in his bayan mubarak; ’Koi bhi mushkil hoe to mane yaad karjo. Jo main na aawu to mai tamaro moula nathi’. I am sure it was our beloved Aqua Moula TUS who heard my calls and pulled me out of this mushkil unscratched.

Moiz Bhai Shk Taher Ali Hakimi


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