Nahin Hai Fe’el Koi Inka Khali Hikmat Se, Agar Sukut Kare Ya Agar Kalam Kare

Le mot juste. A French term. Refers to the right words. Sometimes these words can change a person’s life.

In 1408H, Burhanuddin Moula RA was in Pakistan for Ashara Mubaraka, during which the renovation of Masakin Mohamadiyah, where a student of Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah stays through the year, was completed.

On the occasion, all students received the sharaf of qadambosi, and were required to proceed according to their classes.

I was studying in Darajah Tasea (9).

As I got up for qadambosi and got close to Moulana RA, a khidmat guzaar presented the araz“Moula darajah tasea shuru thai chhey Moula, ane darajah ma aikkaj talebe-ilm chhey”.

This image was taken just as Sheikh Mustafa Bhai arose for qadambosi, and the araz was made “Moula darajah tasea shuru thai chhey Moula, ane darajah ma aikkaj talebe-ilm chhey”. This image is the exclusive property of the contributor and Tazkerat, and may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without permission.

One could evidently see a sparkle on Moula’s RA face. He RA laid his hand on my hands, assembled everyone around, and stated “Dekho aikkaj talebe ilm darajah ma padhi rahya chhey!”.

He RA then repeated it a couple of times and finally brushed a masallah on my face, quoting a Hadees Mubarak, which has changed my life since then: ‘Al mumino wahdahu jama’atun’ (Mumin alone is a group).

His RA words have enlightened thousands, and are still doing so.

Sheikh Mustafa Bhai Sheikh Haiderali Jack

Karachi, Pakistan

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