Do Jaha’n Ki Us’e Hoti Hai Sa’adat Hasil, Jiss Pe Shah’e Deen Inayat Ki Nazar Karta Hai

Even a few seconds of Moula’s didar is often just what it is needed to overcome life’s hardest moments.

Read this.

It was Burhanuddin Mouala’s RA qadambosi bethak for bairao in Mombasa, following Ashara Mubarak a few years ago. I was standing in the qadambosi queue until it was my turn. I performed qadambosi, and was being guided out of the venue when suddenly Moula RA instructed me to stay with an ishara of his hand.

No words. No sentences. Just me, standing in front of Him RA. The bethak paused, and I sensed a state of confusion and puzzlement around.

For the next eternal thirty seconds, Moula RA fixed his nazar mubarak on me with a concern on his face, as I stood there overwhelmed, unaware of what it actually meant. Thereafter, I was directed out of the masjid and I headed on to my hotel.

While on route to the hotel, my auto rickshaw driver who might have had his attention elsewhere, transgressed on to the wrong side of the road. I saw a huge truck hitting our tuk-tuk. I was still being rolled over, when I saw an another truck coming our way. There was no chance of me getting out.

In the blink, I reconciled to the fact that this was indeed going to be the end.

Something inexplicable happened thereafter.

Just before the truck was to blow an already damaged tuk-tuk out of sight, I was out from nowhere, standing on the road. I saw the tuk-tuk being crushed out of shape in front of my eyes.

It was then when I was able to comprehend Moula’s RA act in the bethak. He RA blessed me with an armor of His RA nazar mubarak.

Burhanuddin Moula RA often stated “tamaro koi baal bhi waako nai kari sake” – He RA truly meant it.

Behn Ruqaiyah Shk Sajjadhussain Bhai Qourbanhussain

Paris, France

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