Al Azmato Lillaah Ajab Shaan Hai Sheh Ki, Kum Dekhne Mein Aai Hai Shaan’e Bashar Aisi

Karachi Jamaat once decided to go to Hasanpeer Saheb to invite Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA to Karachi, and I accompanied them.

While praying my last zohor namaaz before leaving for the airport, I perfomed sajdo and prayed: “ghano waqat thayo, Moulana ye maara kandha par haath nathi muko“.

Thereafter, we reached Hasanpeer Saheb for the araz where all other Jamaat’s did their respective araaiz. After the majlis, as Moulana RA was leaving, I was passing by the lift with books of poetries, that I write, in my hand, when Shaikh Saifuddin bhai Yamani saw me and said “Yahaan lift paase bethi jaao, Moula padhaarsey

I sat there and was looking into my poetry books when suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked back, and was stunned to see Moulana’s RA hand on my shoulders. Moulana RA asked: “aa sagli poetries mara waste likhi chhey?”

I wasn’t able to relate the incident at first, until after a while, I realized I had actually witnessed my dua fulfilled.

You might forget what you ask for, but Moula remembers.

Sheikh Mohammad Bhai Jhoomkawala

Karachi, Pakistan

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