Kiya Hai Haq Ne Tujhe Dastageer Aalam Ka, Teri Madad Se Zamane Ka Kaam Hota Hai

Burhanuddin Moula RA graced his presence to London, UK.

Meanwhile, a Hurricane was heading towards the city of Houston.

There, in London, a map of Houston was presented to Moulana RA followed by an Araz; “moula houston ma hurricane aawe che.”

Moulana RA placed his hand over the map.

That very moment, the course of the Hurricane was changed from Houston to Louisiana.

We often heard Him RA state; “dunya na garam pawan si Khuda tamari hifazat kare”.

And there is not a speck of doubt, that He RA is the true Haafiz – (saviour).

Sheikh Shabbir Bhai Saifee

Houston, USA

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