Saya Pare Huzur Ka Jis Bustaan Mein, Kya Dakhl Hai Ke Awe Khiza’n Us Chaman Ke Beech

In the year 1410 Hijri, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, Shehzada then, presided over my daughters misaaq in Surat.

After the misaaq when I was about to leave, Mufaddal Moula TUS unexpectedly called me closer and instructed: “tamaru watan Surat che, yahan ghar lai lo”.

I stood there in total astonishment.

I had a running business in Aden and was well-settled there, thus, a series of questions ran through my mind. Unaware of the future, I started to wonder: Why Surat, where I hardly visit? Do I need a house here? Why a house and not a shop instead? When will I utilize it?

Acting accordingly, I purchased a house in Surat. Although I was unable to comprehend its actual purpose.

After 26 years to date, when Yemen is in a state of war, when people in Aden are wandering without shelter, rambling without a place to rest, we have a house to live in. When people are hiding from airstrikes, we are here in Surat, safe and unaffected by the circumstances.

A place which exhibited no evident purpose to us at that time, was in fact a part of Moula’s TUS prevision to ensure safety and armor for mumineen in a turbulent time like this.

Moula TUS perceives what we can’t.

Shk Zoeb Bhai Rupawala

Aden, Yemen

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