Mu’assir Aisa Teri Marhamat Ka Marham Hai, Ke Zakhme Dil Ka Mere Ilteyaam Hota Hai

I was in Moulana’s RA hazrat aaliya, when He TUS was shown an X-ray of a Mumin Bhai.

I remember Moulana RA pointing at the X-ray in two or three areas and saying “yahaan block chhey, yahaan block chhey” and then pronouncing his Dua Mubarak.

The patient went in for a repeat X-ray and something unbelievable transpired.

There were no blockages! They had simply disappeared.

A touch did what the medical science couldn’t.

Sheikh Sharafali Bhai Diwan

Houston, USA

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A touch was required to heal what was concluded as uncureable by the medical science.


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