Mohabbat’o Ishfaaq Ki Shaan Mein, Tujhe Hum Haqeeqi Pidar Dekhte Hain

Hyderabad Sindh – currently the most desired city for mumineen who are flooding the place to present their love and gratitude to Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.
While some are composing poems, some planning zyafat, some presenting gifts, my daughter Farida thought of making a roti as her way of portraying her love, and carried it with her to Hyderabad.
I was standing with my daughter who had the roti in her hands amongst hundreds of mumineen as Moulana TUS was being awaited to arrive for a zyafat.
Just before Moulana TUS was going to arrive, Sa’eed ul Khair Bs crossed the ramp. Considering it as an opportunity, I eagerly requested him if Farida could present the roti she had made, when Moulana TUS would progress.
Bhaisaheb paused, had a thoughtful few seconds, skipped Farida out of the barricades and made her stand close to where Moulana TUS would pass.
As Moulana TUS arrived, the movement of the crowd saw myself being pulled back, and Farida was out of my sight. Moulana TUS was progressing ahead, while greeting mumineen with his salami.
Suddenly Moulana TUS stopped. I could only see Moulana TUS attending someone with a radiant smile on his face. A few seconds passed and I saw Moulana’s TUS haath mubarak on the roti Farida made and He TUS exchanged a few words with a khidmat guzaar accompanying her.
I was overjoyed, and was unable to control my curiosity to know what actually happened. Thereafter, the khidmat guzaar approached me with Farida in his hands and said that Moulana TUS had pronounced: “aa roti hamna zyafat ma thaal ma mukjo, mein jamis, Karachi si lawi che”.
A very small instance. But my eight year old daughter considered the words of Moulana TUS “thaal ma mukjo mein jamis”  as her very first zyafat.

Behn Jamila Haider Babat

Karachi, Pakistan

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