Kaam Kar Jaati Hai Jo Teri Dua’e Sehri, Kaam Wo Zor Se Hota Hai Na Zar Karta Hai

One day before traveling for Hajj in 1431 Mamlook e Syedna TUS suddenly got a severe heart attack. As a diabetic patient I didn’t feel any pain in heart and only felt nausea and pain in lower part of the food canal, which I considered a pain of duodenal ulcer, as I was also an ulcer patient. 

I was taken to a Kuwaiti Hospital and found out that I had a heart attack and I could not travel. I remained willful and traveled.

From Sharjah to Abu Dhabi I felt uneasy. I started reciting Ya Sayyed As Sohada’i and fell asleep. After a while, as my eyes opened, there was no pain or nausea.

In Makkah Mukarramah I was advised by Dr.Yusuf (Cardiologist in Khidmat) to get admitted on emergency basis, I was admitted for 3 days.

Meanwhile, I submitted an araz to Moula RA for Shifa through Amirul Haj Shahzada Abbas Bhaisaheb DM.

I received Dua Mubarak from Aqa Moula TUS and performed my Hajj without any problems and returned back to Sharjah.

I consulted the cardiologist, he carried out a stress test. After a short walk on the tread mill (1 minute 49 seconds), he stopped me immediately, and told me that my heart was so weak that if I would have continued for 3 more seconds I would have collapsed.

He was bewildered how did I managed to walk for hours during Hajj. My reports said it is impossible; he said. I knew who made it possible.

My doctor couldn’t find a medical explanation, and concluded my case as; a miracle.

Juzer Bhai Rampurawala

Sharjah, UAE

In the means of shukr and zikr, anyone who is willing to share his/her’s acquaintance, incident or any experience with Moulana Muqaddas RA or Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS can mail it to dhmirza@gmail.com & murusons@gmail.com. You can also WhatsApp us on +923343752321 & +923437862121


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