Maah’o Sayyara Teri Zikr Barabar Kab Hai, Jo Hai Taseer Teri Kab Hai Sitaro Ke Beech

In 1434H, during the last days of Shaban, I felt unrest in my health. One day, just before Shehre Ramazan, suddenly I experienced difficulty in breathing. I was immediately taken to the nearest hospital and underwent a checkup.

I was told I had an asthma attack, and I knew what was next; complete bed rest.

Meanwhile, it was announced that Mufaddal Moula TUS will visit Karachi in the second week of Shehre Ramazan, and I did not want to miss the opportunity. I knew the only way was to pretend being all right, although I wasn’t, I was certain that staying back and not going will worsen my condition.

During Moulana’s TUS Safar Mubarak in Karachi, one day I felt severe pain in my heart. I restrained from complaining as I was allocated a Qadambosi pass for the same day. Bearing the discomfort and ignoring the consequences, I managed to reach the venue.

While I was in the queue, I started to sweat, and felt dizzy. I pressed myself further as I could already see Moulana TUS. Half-consciously, I did Qadambosi and could just pronounce; “Moula shifa” and was directed out of the queue.

I had just taken a few steps back when I heard a behnsaab calling “behn yahan awo moula bulawe che” I turned around and I saw Moulana TUS pointing towards me, and the next moment I was standing in front of Moula TUS again.

I was quiet, crying, and almost unconscious; I could only see Moulana TUS looking at me continuously. Moula TUS then directed me to stand beside his bethak, and after every few seconds, He TUS blessed me with his Mubarak nazar. I was confused, as well as all the ones who were present there, everyone was clueless of what was happening.

After a few minutes He TUS gave me raza and instructed; “Hamza AS ni zabeehat karjo”. The moment I came out, I almost fainted, and the next bit, I was being taken to the hospital.

When I came back to my senses, the doctor said; “your heart suffered two continuous attacks, of a degree one can hardly survive, and you didn’t know? Where were you?”.

Moula TUS instructed me to stand beside him for a precise time, I understood why.

I was somewhere, where nothing could hurt me; I told him.

Behn Bilquis Shk Zulfiqar

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

In the means of shukr and zikr, anyone who is willing to share his/her’s acquaintance, incident or any experience with Moulana Muqaddas RA or Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS can mail it to & You can also WhatsApp us on +923343752321 & +923437862121


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