Kaafi Hai Tera Naam Hifazat Ke Waste, Kuch Humko Ehtiyaaj Silaaho Salab Nahin

During the Gujarat riots of 2002, a large number of Muslims were affected. The 45-odd Mumineen in Raigarh migrated to the adjacent town as that was the only thing they could do, convinced that nothing would be left of their properties by the time they get back.

After a week when it was time to return, most of us wounded our way back with the lingering fear that “sagluj khatam thai gayu hase, hawey saglu paachu shuru karwanu che, moula aap madad karjo!” 

So when I lifted the shutters of my shop, expecting to see nothing there, I received a shock. Everything was intact. Even the pens were in the pen stand.

Every other shop in the vicinity had been looted or razed.

This was shockingly awkward; while most were clearing the debris out, we were running our business as if nothing had happened. I was sure it was no one else but Moulana Mohammad Burhanudddin RA.

Suddenly a man appeared; he was the principal rioter. He stood in front of the shop and motioned to a picture of Burhanuddin Moula RA on our shop wall. “Yeh kaun hai?” he asked. “Hamarey moulana hai, guruji hai. Kyun?” I reacted.

He replied, “Hum log aaye the tumhari dukaan par sab kuch khatam karne ke iraade se. Jub shutter uthaaya to ye saamne khade the (pointing towards Moulana RA). Ek haath mein tasbeeh thi aur ek haath mein talwaar. Dekh kar kisi ki himmat nahi hui ke unke saamne jaaye.”

Burhanuddin Moula RA once stated; “hussain na dino ma tame tamaro wepar aney karobar bund kari ne awso, to su hussain tamne nahi nawaze? mamlook’o aale mohammad, mohammed burhanuddin kahu chu, zamaanat lai ne kahun chun, ke rozi ni fikar na karjo, jholi phelawi ne tamara haqq ma dua karu chu”

When Moula assures he is responsible, he means it.

Is it justifiable to still consider attending Ashara Mubarakah? Is there anyone who can offer you such insurance?

The only befitting answer is; Labbaik Ya Daillah.

Abbas bhai Rasoolbhai Hardware Wala

Rajgarh, India

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