Rah’e Siraat Se Kuch Mushkil Na Ho Guzarna, Hathon Se Shahe Deen Jo Khud Aakar Sambhale

In 1991 my nikah was arranged on Moulana’s RA hand. My father was a chartered accountant in a bank. Mufaddal Moula TUS, Shehzada Saheb then, said: “Moulana tamara nikah waste nai padhare.”

Everyone was shocked.

Moula TUS stated: “Tamein chartered accountant chho, to koi riba lewane awtu hase ehne bhi certify karta haso. Rasullulah riba likhnaar par bhi laanat pari chhey!”

My father replied: “Jo agar em chhey to mein hamna si ye kaam chhori chuko chhu!”.

My father came home and firmly announced: “I have given up my profession and I am no longer a chartered accountant. We will discuss the matter of earning a living later. What we should be worrying about is that Moulana RA is coming for zyaafat and proper preparations need to be done.”

My nikah was performed under the lofty hands Moulana Burhanuddin RA. He RA was very pleased with my father’s amal and repeated thrice, “Khuda tane ghani barakat aape!”

Needless to say, today we have a successful business.

Sheikh Noman Bhai Khairullah

Karachi, Pakistan

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