Ho Sarfaraaz Do’no’n Jahaan Main Woh La Kalaam, Jiss Par Nigah e Meher Ae’ Teri Miyaa’n Rahe

In 1944, my Dadabawa was an active-leading-member of the Muslim League political party. In Dahod, Muslim League came into power, and Dadabawa was the sole reason for it. Due to his political position, he started to receive numerous threats, and life became risky for him and for us.

Before it was too late Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA ordered Dadabawa to immediately leave Dohad and head to Karachi. Dadabawa was blessed with the sharaf of qadambosi of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA. Moulana RA grasped his hand and gently pushed it back and said to him: “Qurban Hussain, tu Karachi chalo jaa”. At the time, Dadabawa hesitantly submitted to Moulana RA that all his belongings are in India, for which Moulana RA had the same reply; tu Karachi chalo jaa”.

Due to his activities and commitments, his departure was prolonged for a period of three months. Dadabawa went to Badri Mahal, Mumbai regarding his work, where Syedna RA saw him. Syedna RA summoned him and said to him with an urgency; “main tane kidu thu Karachi chalo ja, tu haji yahan sukaam che?! main tane 15 din apu chu”.

After his encounter with Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA in Mumbai, everything fell into place and Dadabawa reached Karachi. Upon his arrival he was interviewed by Janab Taher bs (Karachi Aamil Saheb in 1944). During their meeting, Janab Taher bs received a telegram from Syedna Saifuddin RA stating; Shk Qurban Hussain Adeeb ne Karachi mokla che, ehnu khayaal rakhjo, ane ehney Karachi si bahar Jawa na dejo”.

Dadabawa continued his political career in Muslim League and created good ties with Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

After a few years came the year of 1947. The year of the Indo-Pak-Partition. The year of the Independence of both, Pakistan and India. Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA had sent his heir apparent (Mansoos) Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA across the border to celebrate 14th August in Pakistan, and stayed back to celebrate 15th August in India.

Those who are even slightly aware of the Indo-Pak partition history, will know how bloody and gory the event was. There were trains, full of immigrants, that left India and reached Pakistan with only martyrs, and vis-à-vis. It was not only the migration

*this photo is downloaded from Google Images. It is not owned by Tazkerat or any of its contributors.
*this photo is downloaded from Google Images. It is not owned by Tazkerat or any of its contributors.

which was gory, but Hindu-Muslim riots were taking place all over the country, and the train system was apparently the most dangerous mode of transport.

Having witnessed all these worrisome events, Dadabawa decided to submit an araz to Moulana RA and with his permission and raza mubarak, call his family to Karachi.

Syedna RA granted raza mubarak but, advised him to stay in complete discretion, as Dadabawa was WANTED in Dohad and its surroundings.

Obeying Moulana’s RA farmaan, Dadabawa came to Dahod where we stayed in discretion for a period of three months, as the earliest flight we could get from Ahmedabad to Karachi was after 3 months. As our departure neared, the Hindu-Muslim riots became worse and most train-services had stopped. There was no way to reach Ahmedabad in time.

Out of desperation, we submitted an araz to Moulana RA and sought his advice and wisdom. I cannot recall the exact date, but Moulana RA graciously granted Dadabawa a specific date and instructed to catch a “4 waaja ni train” from Ratlam to Ahmedabad, and strictly added not to consider taking any other train.

Dadabawa bowed his head and complied to Moulana’s RA instructions.

On the given date of our departure, we reached the train station before time and inquired about the train. The station master in Dahod was shocked, and mockingly told Dadabawa to return home as no trains were scheduled to Dahod’s train-station due to on-going riots. He added that the train they were waiting for had stopped its services since 3 months.

Confused and worried, Dadabawa urgently sent a telegram and sought Moulana’s RA help. The reply suggested to wait and do as Moulana RA had instructed.

Hence, Dadabawa ignored the station master and waited with all of us.

When the clock ticked four o’clock, we heard a train approaching.

I was not surprised.

What follows surprised me:

We boarded the train, loaded our belongings, and migrated safely to Pakistan. During our train-journey from Ratlam to Ahmedabad, the only people who were present in the train, that had stopped functioning for 3 months, were: The train-driver, and a handful of staff.

These were times when trains would reach their destinations either burnt, or flooded with blood. We reached Pakistan without breaking a drop of sweat.

When Moula says; “Mumineen! Tame mari mohabbat karo cho, pan main tamne haji zyada mohabbat karu chu”, he means it.

Shk Ali Mohammed Bhai Adeeb

Karachi, Pakistan

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