Gar Kahein Inko Suleman’e Zaman To Hai Baja, Hukm Ye Apna Zamane Pe Rawa’n Rakhte Hain

The year 1436 brought the first Ashara of our beloved Mufaddal Maula TUS.

Amongst many I also had the desire to attend Ashara with Maula TUS.

Simultaneously I faced the problem of obtaining leave from my university as I was missing a very important session, that if I did not attend I would fail the year and will have to restart my course. I strived, but the university did not allow me to leave. After many meetings and discussions the management passed out a statement, that if I leave for Ashara Mubaraka I would then have to restart my course.

As I was very determined to make it to Surat, I came to the conclusion that there is only one way to find out whether I should stay or leave for India and that resulted in an araz into Hazrat Immamiyah Nooraniyah.

Maulana TUS graced me with his dua and raza mubarak to come to Surat and attend Ashara mubraka. I got my answer and I left immediately knowing that somehow everything will fall into place.

I attended Ashara Mubraka with all the satisfaction and content.

After Ashara Mubaraka when I returned back to Mumbai, I was blessed with the sharaf of performing the zyaarat of Burhannudin Maula RA the same day. After the zyaarat while I was returning back to my accommodation, I recalled all the barakat I had inherited and how regretful I would have been if I had stayed back.

Thereafter, when I reached my accommodation, I checked my emails, and witnessed something unexpected. My university had randomly sent me a message saying that they had rearranged all my classes and assignments and I will be able to continue the course from where I left off.

I was completely flabbergasted and speechless.

I knew at this moment that Imam Hussain AS and my Maula TUS had truly opened all my doors of Rozi in both Deen and Duniya.

I share this instance with all so that together we can say Labaik A Ya Dai Allah with our hearts and truly appreciate the importance of Ashara Mubaraka.

Bhai Aliasghar Sulemanji

Leicester, UK

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