Surma’e Khaak’e Qadam Se Tere Ae Burhane Deen, Gai So Saal Ki Ankho’n Mein Ziya Phirti Hai

My father – Shk Ahmed Khairullah suffered from an accident 20 years ago, in which a bone in his nose was broken.

The broken nose didn’t make the face look very pleasant when he used to wear glasses.

Fortunately, Burhanuddin Moula RA was in Karachi at that time.

During a qadambosi bethak, my father got the sharaf of performing qadambosi.

When he came outside we noticed that his glasses were gone. Obviously misplaced.

We all thought of ordering a new one but something interesting had happened. As my father’s eyes had been blessed with the touch of Moula’s RA qadam mubarak, his eyes regained power and even though he was in his 80’s when he passed away, we never ordered a second pair of spectacles for him again.

Shk Noman Bhai Khairullah

Karachi, Pakistan

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