Ye Mera Kaba’e Deen Rukh Kare Jidhar Apna, Banu Mein Qibla Numa Rukh Karu Udhar Apna

Round the clock, we hear miracles of Moula, accounts of His supreme virtues, and memoirs of His absolute righteousness. Upholding it as our faith, we believe in it. But being a part of it yourself elevates your trust and belief to a completely different level.

Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s RA wafat happened in the year I was born. I heard His RA marvels and miracles throughout my childhood. Later, I understood that He RA was our family. However, I had never experienced what I heard. To put it in an another way, I was unlucky up until then.

In the year 1995/1416 H, I traveled for Umrah. It was 14th of Rajab and a Wednesday.

I was performing tawaf on the niyyat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA, when I caught the sight of several supervisors and caretakers of Baitullah, heading their way inside. When I inquired about the cause, I was told that Baitullah is being washed and cleansed from the inside.

I still do not know why it occurred to me, but I uttered while my eyes closed; “taher saifuddin moula, aapna ghana ma’ajiz suna che, aap har dua suno cho, aaje aap koi ehwo mojizo dekhawye, ke mane baitullah ma dakhli naseeb thai”. 

Just as I had finished my words, I started to sense an unusual commotion around. I felt my self getting closer to the baab of Baitullah. As the rush upsurged, I tried to pull myself back.

Suddenly, to my astonishment, a lady supervisor miraculously appeared and held my hand. Cutting me through the crowd, she towed me from the far end to the very step of the door of Kaba and pushed me in.

I was stunned.

It was just a minute ago, when I was pleading Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA for something which I felt was impossible to happen. It actually was. I saw no one except the ones who were designated to enter Kaba for its wash. Moreover, I saw the expression on the face of the lady supervisor who pulled me in. She was totally baffled about what she had done.

As everyone outside was trying to get in, the door closed, and I was blessed with sharaf of being inside Kaba for about 40 minutes.

Some might phrase this as a co-incidence, but I know, it was Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA who did it.

His Ra Milaad Mubarak and the day when Kaba descended on earth happens to occur in the same month. I witnessed the connection.

Behn Farida Mulla Hussain Bhai

Karachi, Pakistan

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