Ae Aale Taha Ke Pyaare Ae Saif e Deen Sarwar, Tumhe Ye Mumineen Jhuk Kar Salam Kehte Hain

It was Syedna Taher Saifuddin’s RA final visit to Karachi and I was a student in STD 3 in the CMS school, which was located very near to Adam Masjid, where Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA would usually preside over bethaks.

Relatively, getting the sharaf of qadambosi in those days could be well described as ‘a piece of cake’. Mostly, the bethaks would be held in forenoon, hence, sneaking out of the school for qadambosi was part of my routine.

One such day, the recess bell went off and instinctively, I headed towards the bethak, until I realized that I had nothing to perform salam with, besides what my mother had handed me that morning; 15 paisa to bring home some fresh mint (pudina) and coriander (dhanya) leaves.

We were crimping and saving in that stage of life.

Ignorant of everything else, I split the 15 paisa into three halves of 5 paisa each with the intention of doing Moulana’s RA qadambosi thrice.

I rushed towards the masjid, performed salam twice and rejoined the queue for the third time.

After the third time, Moulana RA looked at me and said, “yahan aaw”. I stood there bewildered whilst Moulana RA with a radiant smile on his face queried; “15 paisa to khatam thai gaya, hawey tu dhanyo ne pudino kem lesey?”.

I was startled.

Moulana RA, thereupon, instructed Miyan saheb Shk Ibrahim Bhai Yamani to bring 20 paisa to be handed over to me and said, “aa 15 paisa no dhanyo ne pudino leje, aney 5 paisa si, aa masjid na bahar aik bakery che, maney khabar chey taney ehnu ‘cake powder’ ghanu bhaawey chey, aa bija 5 paisa si ye khai ne jaaje.”

Unable to comprehend the magnitude of what had just transpired, I was merrily on my way and did as I was told.

When I reminiscent that fateful day today, I run out of words to express the overwhelming emotion that fills heart, but Moulana knows what it conceals and He fulfils what it wishes for.

For it was none other than Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA who would state the following sentence with sheer confidence; “tamra ghar ma aik chamchi girey chey, to mara kaan ma ehnu awaaz awey chey.”

Shk Shabbir Bhai Hussain Bhai Shikari

Karachi, Pakistan

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