Nigah’e Lutfo Inayat Nazar’e Mehro Ata, Ye To Ye Aur Bhi Ehsan Hain Kinke, Inke

During Burhanuddin Moula’s RA visit to Mombasa, on one instance I received the sharaf of presenting a bowl of water to Moula RA, so that He RA could wash his hands after jaman.

Heretofore I had been a victim of chicken allergy. It was so arduous, that each time I would touch chicken, I would break into a severe rash resulting in several injections and antidotes.

Therefore, benefiting from the opportunity, I presented Moulana RA with my araz “moula mane chicken allergy che, chicken ne haath bhi nahin lagawi sakti”

Moulana RA responded with a smile and took a keen look at my hands – no words.

Thenceforth till present a person who was strictly prohibited from touching or even getting near chicken, is eating chicken with her very hands. The allergy apparently perished.

Just a glance did it.

Behn Jamila Hussain Bhai Jamaly

Mombasa, Kenya

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