Ik Tujh Pe Tasadduq Karu Ik Tere Pisar Par, Iss Sar Ke Siwa Dewe Khuda Mujh Ko Jo Sar Aur

Many years ago my son and I traveled to Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin’s RA hazrat ‘aaliya to present wajebaat.

We were in Saifee Mahal when a Bhaisaheb saw us and said; “Tamein wahaan Karachi walao saathey jai ne betho”. My son and I were about to join them, until someone on duty there intervened and said: “you are not allowed in here”. 

The next moment, we were shown our way out of the hall.

We kept our calm and waited outside for Didaar Mubarak. While standing there, a Bhaisaheb saw us and guided us in again. It was a matter of time, and we were amongst the Karachi Jamaat.

While the Ummaal of Karachi were performing araz, my son and I were standing behind the railings doing didar. Unexpectedly Moulana RA turned his attention towards us, waved his haath mubarak and directed us to come to the other side of the barricade.

Whereupon, we promptly went towards Moulana RA, and performed qadambosi. MeanwhileMoulana RA had his nazar mubarak fixed on us. Just as we were on our way out, Shehzada Ammar bhaisaheb DM and Shehzada Qusai bhaisaheb DM came hurrying towards us and said“Moulana yaad farmawe chhey!”

Startled and bewildered, we were escorted back to Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA.

As I descended on Moulana’s RA qadam mubarak I heard Moulana RA pronouncing to everyone nearby; “tamne khabar chhey bawaji saheb aane khatt likhta tha?  

Shaking, awed and unable to respond, tears streamed down my cheeks in gratitude, as Burhanuddin Moula RA smiled.

It was a moment to cherish every second of, and I will, till the end of my life.

The very first account shared with Tazkerat was from Shk Mohammed Bhai. It was due to his blessings, guidance, motivation and duas’ that Tazkerat was able to initiate such an act. His purity and sanctity was the reason people were attracted to him. His charm and piety was simply an inspiration for the young generation. Suffice to say that today a great poet, visionary, mentor, businessman, leader and a true lover of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA and Huzureala TUS, left us.

Tazkerat was also fortunate to view some of the hand-written letters which Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA personally sent him. His love towards Moula, and Moula’s affection towards him was to such an extent that Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA once wrote to him in one of his letters stating; “Mohammed, tu mane ghano yaad awey chhey”. 

May Allah Ta’aala bless his soul and grant him Shafa’at of Panjatan Paak and Du’aat Mutlaqeen. Ameen

This photo was taken during Tazkerat’s final audience with Miyasaheb at his place on 7th January, 2016. Amidst the genial conversation, he, for the first time, showed us the letters of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS consigned to him.
This image is the exclusive property of Tazkerat, and may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without permission.

Marhoom Shk Mohammed Bhai Zoomkawala

Karachi, Pakistan

In the means of shukr and zikr, anyone who is willing to share his/her’s acquaintance, incident or any experience with Moulana Muqaddas RA or Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS can mail it to dm@tazkerat.org & md@tazkerat.org. You can also WhatsApp us on +923343752321 & +923437862121

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3 thoughts on “Ik Tujh Pe Tasadduq Karu Ik Tere Pisar Par, Iss Sar Ke Siwa Dewe Khuda Mujh Ko Jo Sar Aur

  1. Amazing read. It almost brought tears to my eyes. More so, because I had the chance of meeting him only twice in my life – but his impact & influence is still fresh in my mind.

    Miyasaheb was indeed an idol & an example to be followed.

    He will be missed.


  2. He was on the board of trustees in our school. Had a very few chances to meet him and listen to his poems. What a great personality.

    I’m quite amazed that Maula wrote letters to him. What would a person want more.

    He is an example for me.



  3. I met him at an eye doctors clinic…he wrote a beautiful spontaneous poem about my son who was maybe 4 at that time…
    He wrote it on a piece of paper and just handed ot over to me
    Id never met him in my life…but heard plenty of his prowess with the english language…and his topi clearly indicated he was a momin…
    When the receptionist called out his name my guess was proved accurate enough
    His poem is saved somewhere in my stash….but i do remember the opening lines

    “Master shabbir has beautiful eyes
    Full of questions: whats n whys”

    Its bn almost 10 yrs to that incident but such a well written poem in such a short amount of time has remained stored in some portion of my mind
    What a man to b able to write 10 lines within minutes of seeing someone


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