Kyun Khalq Tasadduq Na Ho Ishfaq Pe Har Dum, Iss Qadr Hain Iss Shaah Ke Altaf Ke Mat Puch

My father Shk Qurban Hussain Kapasi held the honor of being a classmate of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS at Jamea Saifyah.

Days leading upto his death, he strongly wished to have one last rendezvous with his Moula TUS so that he could speak all that his heart had held from the time they shared the same exam halls.

The following, is how Moula TUS answered his call;

It was 8th Rajab-1435 H, and Mufaddal Moula TUS was scheduled to arrive in Ahmadabad from Galyakot. Instead, Moula TUS travelled to Mumbai.

I was in my father’s company that day, in room no. 521 of the Saify Hospital where he was admitted.

Parallel to our was room no. 517 where Jivanjee Bs was admitted too.

After maghrib, the same day, when I was in the midst of doing dinner arrangements for my father, my eyes caught the presence of Mufaddal Moula TUS in the ward who was there to visit Jivanjee Bs.

Immediately as Moula TUS walked pass our room, I uttered “moula aik nazar”. Moula TUS instantaneously attended me, and directed himself into our room.

On witnessing my father, whom He TUS had known since long, Moula TUS stated with extreme tenderness “su thayu tamne?”, and before my father could react, Moula TUS placed his haath mubarak on my father’s chest.

For the next few minutes, my father, who was immensly weeping, expressed everything his heart ever concealed. Amidst his araz, Moula TUS fixed his nazar mubarak on my father with a rising smile.

As my father wept, Moula TUS placed his hands on my father’s cheeks with utmost shafaqat, ensuring He TUS was next to him, and he had nothing to worry about.

Thereafter, I spoke “moula ehna jahan takleef che, aap haath muki daiye”, and Moula TUS placed his haath mubarak on my father’s stomach.

After that, I gave a 500 rupee note to my father, as that was all I had at that time, and said “pappa lo moula ne salam karo” to which Moula immediately replied “nai nai aa na hoi”. With tears in my eyes, my father insisted “moula hamara par ghanu wajib che, kai nai kari sakta”.

Moula TUS then stated a few times “khuda shifa aape” and with a radiant tabassum on his face, fulfilling my father’s ultimate desire, He TUS left.

Nine days later, my father passed away. During his final days, I sensed an expression of content on his face, and I am sure he left the world leaving no regrets behind.

Umreth Zyft  DSC_0086
The picture was taken during Moula’s TUS Umreth Safar Mubarak in 1433H, when Shk Qurban Hussain Kapasi was blessed with the sharaf of zyafat. This image is the exclusive property of the contributor and Tazkerat, and may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without permission.

Behn Mubarakah Murtaza Bhai Gheewala

Mumbai, India

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