Lail’o Nahar Phirta Hai Hasb’e Muraad Shah, Hatho’n Mein Inke Goya Falak Ki Lagam Hai

Burhanuddin Moula RA visited Dahod, and I was fortunate to be the Aamil there at that time.

On one of the occasions, Burhanuddin Moula RA was going to preside over a qadambosi bethak. As Moula RA arrived, mumineen instinctively lost control, and the arrangements lapsed. Moulana RA witnessed the sudden bustle and directed me with urgency: “Ibrahim, mari talaqqi kar”.

I managed to procure a rumaal and acted accordingly.

Amidst the talaqqi, I sensed an unusual rush and suddenly saw a large crowd of mumineen crumbling towards Moula RA. As a protective reflex action, I came in front of Burhanuddin Moula RA with the whole crowd upon me.

The stretching, pulling and pushing resulted in a bad back.

The pain was unbearable.

Moula RA immediately asked doctor Hatim to attend me. He examined and concluded “hamnaj Mumbai jawu parhse”, as in his opinion, I had broken my back.

In an unendurable pain, I was carried to Burhanuddin Moula RA, where He RA inquired about my situation and stated: “Ibrahim, mumbai jaao”, to which I replied with tears in my eyes, “Moula aap – yahan hou ane mein mumbai jau? hargiz nahi, mout aawe to aapni hazrat ma”.

Burhanuddin Moula RA had a keen look on me as I laid in front of him, smiled and said, “Taaro sayo utaar”

People around me helped as I obeyed.

Moulana RA said, “Kurto utaar”

I obeyed.

Moulana RA further said, “Banyaan utaar”

I obeyed.

Burhanuddin Moula RA then brushed his haath mubarak on my back three times, instructed that I should be carried back to my room and continued the bethak .

Moments later, in the midst of the very same bethak, the person with a broken back was standing upright again in front of Him RA.

As I stood there with my eyes flooding, unable to pronounce a word, Moula RA looked at me with a smile on his face and listened to my heart as it cried: “moula aapna upar qurban”.

This zikr was narrated to Tazkerat by Shk Ibrahim Bhai in the year 1432H during his final Mouze’ of Amalat in Al Mohallat Al Burhaniyah, Karachi, Pakistan.

Marhoom Shk Ibrahim Bhai Rasheed

Karachi, Pakistan

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