Jis Dil Main Ulfat e Shah Kaun o Makaan Nahin, Gul Hai Wa Laik Bu Nahin Qalib Hai Jaan Nahin

In the year 1426H, I was in Darajah Sadesa in Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah Karachi, and the event of Burhanuddin Moula’s 94th Milaad Mubarak was hosted by Mumbai. It emerged into a global event, as the long-awaited opening of Saify Hospital-Mumbai conjoined the Milaad celebrations.

Every soul desired to be a part of the historic event, and I was no different.

Unfortunately, due to several legal complications, I was informed that I would not be able to travel to India at that time.

Shattered and heartbroken, it was impossible for me to accept the fact that I won’t be attending the event, and I won’t be amongst the fortunate ones who will be presenting their tehniyaat to Moula RA.

One night, while I sat alone with no one else but my anguish, I decided; “moula ni hazrat ma to nai pohnchi saku, to tehniyat araz kari lau”, hence, I divulged my heart on a piece of paper through a humble poetry.

Despite the fact that thousands of poetries and tehniyat cards are presented to Moula RA, I was certain that if not me, my humble words would surely speak out my heart to Moula RA. Therefore, I drafted the poem over the night and sent it to Mumbai.

Days passed, and I never recalled that I had sent a poem to hazrat imamiya, as I was completely unaware of what Moula RA had planned.

Thereafter, exactly on the day of my waras, my poem traveled back from hazrat imamiyah to Karachi Jamea with Moula’s RA alamat shareefah and dua mubarak inscribed on it.

I presented Moula RA tehniyat on his Milaad, and He RA greeted me back on my waras. That is how Burhanuddin Moula RA communicated with his beloved mumineen.

He RA often stated; “ghani waar awi nathi sakta, magar mumin che, dil ma mari mohabbat che, ehni Araz mane pohchi jai che”.

And this is exactly what happened.

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Behn Jumana Mulla Murtaza Bhai

Colombo, Srilanka

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