Pohnchoge Anqareeb Murad-e Dili Ko Tum, Nazdeeq In Ke Aae Jo Taal’e Rasa Huwe

Going thirty years back, me and my wife were passing an afternoon of one normal day, when my nine year old son, Mohammed, walked past us and suddenly fell to the ground. It looked normal as he lifted himself up until he tumbled again. I sensed trouble and immediately called the doctors. On observing Mohammed, they took my son to a neurosurgeon with an urgency, and he underwent a quick checkup.

The reports revealed that a nerve in Mohammed’s brain was miss-functioning due to which his spinal cord was loosing control over his legs, and eventually it would loose control over his body. We inquired further, to which the doctors informed that it might take six months to several years for Mohammed to partially recover provided that he receives continuous treatment. Mohammed was admitted the very next day.

Dejected and disheartened, we helplessly saw our child on the hospital bed as he looked back to us with hope.

On returning home, I decided to submit an araz to Burhanuddin Moula RA for raza mubarak before admitting Mohammed. Hence, I placed a call for Busaheba Amatullah Aisaheba QR, who fortunately attended the call, listened to the araz and asked me to call later again. When I called then, Moula RA graciously listened to the araz and replied “hame be teen din ma Qahera awiye che, magar yahan lawi sakta hoi to lawo”, I responded “Moula mein lawu chu” and immediately left for London.

As we traveled to London, Mohammed’s condition worsened. I had to lift him throughout, as his legs were static. He kept grieving “mane lage che mara bewe pag mara si alag thai che”. I responded with tears.

As we landed, I pronto informed Busaheba QR about our arrival in London, and she directed us to reach at Moula’s RA residence. An ambulance was awaiting us, and it was 11:30 PM when we left for Bonham House.

We reached Bonham House and I lifted Mohammed to Moulana’s RA gurfa mubarakah, where Moula RA was expecting us. Burhanuddin Moula RA was presiding on a chair as I placed Mohammed in front of him.

Moula RA keenly looked at Mohammed and inquired “su thai che tane?”, to which he replied “moula mara si ubho nathi thawatu”.

Moula RA vigorously stated “ubho tha”. Mohammed acknowledged and tried, but his legs simply would not move. When I tried to help him, Moula RA pronounced “na tame rehwa do”, and repeated again “ubho tha”. He tried again, but with no effect.

Burhanuddin Moula RA observed him, raised his finger towards him and decisively stated “mari aankh ma dekhi ne ubho tha”.

Fixing his eyes to Moula’s gaze and to everyone’s astonishment, Mohammed effortlessly stood up. Moula RA called him closer, brushed his body with His RA qadam mubarak, and asked me to bring sugar, so he could pronounce shifa on it.

Busaheba QR immediately went into the kitchen and brought a packet of sugar. Moula RA pronounced shifa mubarak, gave it to Mohammed and said “aane jem gamey aim leje, chai ma, thanda doodh ma, lukhi jamwi hoi to aim, jem pasand hoi”. 

Thereon Moula RA granted us permission to leave, and instructed me to take Mohammed for a repeat checkup, and stated “mane reports batawjo”. As we left, Mohammed returned walking.

The next day, on the basis of his previous reports, Mohammed underwent a repeat check up in London. Just after the tests, the panel of five senior doctors, who were supervising Mohammed’s case, called for an urgent meeting with us. They were stunned to witness the reports clear. They reconfirmed if my son really suffered from anything. In fact, one of them asked Mohammed if he had made this up to buy a trip to London. Sensing their curiousness, I narrated them what had happened a night earlier.

Thereafter, I requested the in-charge neurosurgeon for the test reports who was still overwhelmed with what he had observed. He needed more time to prepare the final report, thus, he called me and my wife at his residence the next day.

Next morning, we went to his residence where he asked me to repeat narrating what had happened between Mohammed and Moula RA. Thereupon, he handed us the reports with his own written verdict on the case, which said ‘His Holiness did something which is beyond our imaginations’.

Acquiring the report, I rushed to the airport as Moulana RA was leaving for Qahera. With tears in my eyes, I managed to utter a few words of shukr, and presented the test reports. With a radiant smile, Burhanuddin Moula RA addressed all who were present “aa bacha na pag chala gaya tha, Imam uz Zaman ye shifa aapi che”.

On reaching Qahera, I took Mohammed to Moulana’s RA hazrat aaliya. While he presented salam, Moula RA reassured “aa yej bachu che?”, “haan Moula” I replied. Moulana RA directed Mohammed “wahan darwaza tak chali ne ja”, Mohammed did likewise, Moula RA added “pacho yahan aw”, he did as he was commanded with ease.

A child I was lifting a few days back as his legs were dead was walking better than before. Thereafter Moula RA repeated “aa bacha na pag chala gaya tha, Imam uz Zaman ye shifa aapi che”.

I saw Moulana Mohammed Burhanuddin RA bringing my son’s legs back to life, and I heard Him RA say – “Imam uz Zaman ye shifa api che”, the connection between what I saw and heard is as clear as day.

Shk Hebatullah Bhai Hebatullah

Cairo, Egypt

In the means of shukr and zikr, anyone who is willing to share his/her’s acquaintance, incident or any experience with Moulana Muqaddas RA or Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS can mail it to dhmirza@gmail.com & murusons@gmail.com. You can also WhatsApp us on +923343752321 & +923437862121

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3 thoughts on “Pohnchoge Anqareeb Murad-e Dili Ko Tum, Nazdeeq In Ke Aae Jo Taal’e Rasa Huwe



  2. Subhan Allah. Allah hamari bhi immam uz Zaman na vasila si ane dai is Zaman ni hurmat si hamari har muskil aasan kare dai .aameen


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