Hota Nahin Hai Radd Kisi Mohtaaj Ka Suwal, Lafz’e ‘Nahin’ Ko Jaanti Teri Zuba’n Nahin

In the year 1427H, Burhanuddin Moula RA graced Hasanpeer with his presence.

Meanwhile, Khidmat Guzar’s of Mazaraat Muqaddasaat, accompanied by their families, were blessed with the sharaf of presenting a zyafat.

As per accustomed, everyone was respectively assigned a sharaf during the zyafat, wherefore, I was required to present thaal to Burhanuddin Moula RA.

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I was in Moula’s RA room alongside Dr Moiz Bs DM and a private photographer when Moula RA entered.

Just as I had presented the thaal, I was instructed to depart the room immediately. While leaving, my heart desired: “aqa moula sathey aa moqe ma photo lewu naseeb thai”.

I had nearly exited the room, when Moula RA diverted his attention towards me with a preceptive expression, acknowledging the fact that He RA had perceived what my heart desired, and stated: “Mara nazdeek piche aawi ne kharo reh”.

The picture speaks what happened thereafter.

Sheikh Murtaza Bhai Shk Mohammad Bhai Choprawala

Makkaah, Saudia Arabia

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