Misle Hatim Jo Sakhawat Mein Tumhe Kehte Hain, Qalib’e Madh Mein Wallah Wo Zum Karte Hain

I was in the tenth year of my marriage, and was yet to experience that happiness of a child.

During all those years, me and my wife underwent many treatments and consulted many different doctors, but nothing was fruitful.

We did several Arzi’s in Hazrat Imamiyah for Dua and kept praying. Years passed and our sadness kept increasing.

At one point we started wondering: Are we so sinful? Is anyone listening to our prayers? Can’t Moula change our fortune?

In the tenth year of my marriage, my wife had a dream.

Burhanuddin Moula RA was presiding in Taheri Masjid, Karachi. My wife was waiting on the staircase for Moula’s didaar. The moment Burhanuddin Moula RA descended down the stairs, my wife skipped out of the crowd, fell down on Moula’s RA qadam mubarak, held them firmly and cried out loud; “Moula aaje aapne mane farzand apwuj parse, hawe ghana waras thai gaya, mein aapna qadam nahi muku jewar lag aap mane farzand nai apo”. A few khidmat guzars tried to move her but Burhanuddin Moula RA directed them to let her do araz. Moula RA waited as my wife cried and kept repeating; “moula aap mane farzand aapo”.

Burhanuddin Moula RA smiled, placed his haath mubarak on my wifes shoulders and stated; mein farzand apu chu. The dream ended.

The outcome was obvious, the same time next year, we were blessed with a baby girl.

We had to challenge our fate, and we exactly knew where to go.

Bhai Mustafa Hasanali Mundrawala

Karachi, Pakistan

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