Karte Hain Shouq Shaamo Sahar Hoor Aur Malak, Humko Likhe Khuda Tere Khidmat Guzaar Mein

I was blessed with the opportunity of travelling for Hajj this year.

I had heard several stories of those who had been on Hajj and one detail was common; the struggle and strive to kiss Hajare Aswad.

After I reached Makkah, almost two weeks had passed and due to the on going hassle and continued wrangles near Hajare Aswad I still had not kissed it. Although I was acquiring the equal sawab by raising my hands toward it from a distance, the thirst of kissing it with my bare lips remained.

I continued going to Bailtullah with the desire but kept returning unsatisfied.

One night I was sitting parallel to Hajare Aswad and was looking at those who were being blessed with the sharaf.

My tears started to flow and I started the tasbeeh of Burhanuddin Moula RA and Mufaddal Moula TUS with the plead; “moula aap mari madad karo”.

My head was down, eyes were closed and I had just started the tasbeeh. Suddenly someone randomly approached me, took my hand and said; “chalo tamne Hajar Aswad chumawi dau”. I was shocked and couldn’t comprehend who the person was, and why only me amongst all the other Mumineen sitting there. With total confusion and panic I replied; “mari tasbeeh baaqi che”. The person directed me to complete the tasbeeh and waited.

After I was done with the tasbeeh, he took my hand, slipped me within the crowd, and placed me right in front of Hajare Aswad. I kissed it with ease and calmness, and he pulled me out of the crowd, waited for my acknowledgment and left. The process which I heard was of at least half an hour completed in 30 seconds.

That very moment, words of Mufaddal Moula TUS came to my mind; “bawaji sahib pase hazaro farishta che”.

Everyone had described kissing Hajare Aswad effort full and tough in their stories, mine is contrary; effortless and calm.

Shk Shabbir Bhai Shk Taherali Naalwala

Ujjain, India

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