Gae Hain Door Tak Charche Tere Afaaq’e Aalam Mein, Sakha Ke Jood Ke Faiz’o Ata’ Ke Meherbaani Ke

During the time when I was expecting my second child, I did araz to Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA desiring for a baby boy, and Moulana RA replied; “teen na pachi thase”, and it happened likewise.

After three daughters, when I conceived again, I was certain about what Moulana RA had affirmed, thus, me and family had already started preparing for an arrival of a baby boy. In the meantime I had a dream, in which I saw someone approaching me. I comprehended the personage as Moulana RA himself, in view of the divine charisma, carried and transmitted by him. Benefiting from the opportunity I again did araz for a boy and heard the following reply; “Hatim naam rakhjo”, to which I responded; “mara papa nu naam bhi hatim che” and the reply was; “Hatim aj naam rakhjo”. I woke up content and satisfied.

Following the dream, I faxed an araz to Moulana Mohammad Burhanuddin RA through Burhani Mahal requesting for the name of the child. The very next day I had a call from Burhani mahal to come and receive the jawab of my araz. I rushed to Burhani mahal, overjoyed by the prompt reply. The moment I entered, everyone started to congratulate me, I wasn’t sure what was happening, and inquired. Looking at my confused expressions, I was informed about the jawab of my arzi in which Burhanuddin Moula RA stated; “je sapna ma naam kidu che, yej rakhe”. I was stunned and could not apprehend what to react; unaware of an azeem nemat I was yet to receive.

A few moments later, I was handed over a piece of paper which had Burhanuddin Moula’s RA khatt Mubarak in it and it read; “Hatim”.

You might run out of desires, but there is not an end to Moula’s blessings.

Behn Yasmin Nooruddin Bhai

Karachi, Pakistan

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